Genesis Williams [Completed]

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Genesis Williams [Completed]

Post by Genesis Williams on Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:48 pm

Name: Genesis Williams

Biographical Information:
Age: 14 years old
Birth Date: June 13th, 877
Birthplace: Oak Town
Hydrix the Water Dragon-Missing

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5’
Weight: 110lbs
General Description: Genesis has black hair that goes to her waist as well as emerald green eyes. She has a curvy build with slight budding breasts. Her skin is cream colored but her cheeks are red.  She wears a short, light, striped dress with white blouse and black shoes. She often wears two yellow ribbons in her hair. Her formal wear is a white, frilly gown that goes to her knees and white flats. Instead of the yellow ribbons she changes it to white. Genesis also wears two dark blue and cyan bracelets with the words "love" and "peace" etched onto them on her right wrist and two light green turquoise anklet with the word "water" and her dragon's name "Hydrix" etched into it on her left ankle. She wears a necklace with a turquoise gem with the word "protection" etched onto it. Her guild mark is on the side of her right thigh, just right above the knee and is colored sea green.
Face Claim: Koto Sumikawa from Love Death 2

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Personality: Genesis is a sweet, kind and bubbly girl. She always is positive and has a never give up attitude. Naturally what comes with a never give up attitude is stubbornness. She is extremely outgoing and loves to chat. She is the one who walks up to the newbie and starts a conversation with them. Despite her always happy attitude she has her own negative thoughts which eat her up in the inside. She is very blunt and talks so much that people can find her annoying.

Genesis loves pranks and is a prankster herself. In her free time she often set up pranks for laughs. She enjoys seeing people smile or laugh since it makes her laugh. She is very stealthy and creative so that her victims will get their prank when they least expect it. Everyday she makes sure at least one member of her guild falls for at least one prank. If it backfires somehow she gets very annoyed and angry until another member falls for her tricks. She also loves parties. She will accept any invitation for a party, even if it seems like a trap (and actually is)

Genesis really hates alcohol. She thinks it taste disgusting and bitter. Once by accident she downed a whole cup of alcohol and she was drunk and did some very embarrassing things that she would never forget. She has a very sensitive tongue for alcohol. If she tastes any alcohol she will spit it out. This is rivaled by her hatred of bugs. If she sees one she will scream and do anything to kill it, even if it means destroying a city with everyone with it. When it comes to things like this she will go overboard.

Magic Information:
Magic: Water Dragon Slayer (1st generation)
Description: Water Dragon Slayer is a lost, caster type magic that allows the user to transform their physical body into the bodies of a Water dragon: lungs capable of breathing powerful blasts of water, scales able to protect against both natural and magical water, and a body strong enough to handle even the harshest waters. This magic allows the user to utilize water in both offensive and defensive styles. It also allows the user to eat, or in this case drink natural water or the magic water of other water magic-users other than themselves as well as incorporating this element into their body.  There are two ways to gain this magic, the first way, the way Genesis learned it, is to be taught by a dragon, it is also known as 1st generation dragon slayer. The second is to have their bodies implanted with water lacrimas, it is also known as 2nd generation dragon slayer. 

Water dragon slayer magic is an offensive type magic, utilizing their water in dangerous ways and temperature. They can use it to defend, but the defensive techniques aren't very strong. Water dragon slayers also get an increased benefit in healing spells.

Advantages: Water Dragon slayers have a natural advantage against fire. The user is capable in producing water from any part of their body. This magic can also suffocate a person, making them prone to an attack if a large amount of their water goes through the person's nose or mouth. Water dragon slayers can breath longer underwater than regular humans but they still will need air. They also have an increased benefit in healing spells.
Disadvantages: A Water Dragon Slayer's weakness is ice, since it can freeze over their water rendering their attacks useless. There is almost no way around this weakness. Like all other dragon slayers, they have motion sickness but can get around it if they fall asleep when the transportation is moving. In especially hot areas like the certain deserts or inside volcano the water can evaporate if it isn't strong enough.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Guild: Fairy Tail
Background History:
Genesis was born in  Oak Town, June 13th X877 in the Phantom Lord guild. Her parents quit Phantom Lord since they had a child to take care of. They moved to Hargeon Town so they can have a peaceful life there. That was the life she had for four years until she boarded a ship to the Akane Resort.

 During a trip there, they encountered a thick fog that was tinted purple. They were told about the fog, it was called the "Devil's Fog". Anyone who went into the fog never came out. It was rumored that the devil created that fog to lure unlucky victims to hell and the only way to save themselves from their fate was to throw all children under age five into the waters. Genesis parents were selfish and cared for themselves more than they cared for their daughter so they threw her overboard. The ship still sailed into the purple fog where it was never seen again.

Against the odds, Genesis survived being thrown overboard and was found lying in the sand in an unnamed island. She wasn't injured but she lost her memory. A water dragon found her on the shore of her island. She was intrigued since she never saw a human child before. She nursed her back to health.

She was scared when she saw the blue dragon but soon trusted her when she learned that she won't harm her. She introduced herself as Hydrix she asked her about her past she couldn't remember anything but her name due to amnesia. The dragon felt pity to this poor human child and decided to take her as her child and teach her the ways of a Water Dragon Slayer.

For 7 years, they lived, trained, slept, ate, and played together for 7 years. On the day before her 7th anniversary on the island, Hydrix gave her daughter three gifts: a simple silver chain with a turquoise charm with the word protection etched on it, promising her that she will always protect her child no matter what two dark blue and cyan colored bracelets with the words "love" and "peace" etched on it, promising that her future will be full of love and peace, and two anklets with the words "water" and "Hydrix etched into it, promising that she will be with her child no matter what. The next day, when she awakened her mother was gone.

 The same morning a team from an unnamed guild landed on the island and found Genesis there. They asked her about how she lived at this  island and she claimed that she lived with a water dragon. They laughed and said that she had a wild imagination but that was before she showed them her dragon slaying magic. They brought her back to the mainland where she joined their guild. For a year she lived and worked there but then a dark guild, an enemy guild of theirs attacked them, forcing them to disband. For a year she was guildless, until she found Fairy Tail. Genesis joined this guild hoping to one day find out what happened to Hydrix

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Re: Genesis Williams [Completed]

Post by Genesis Williams on Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:53 pm

completion bump
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Re: Genesis Williams [Completed]

Post by Lilthal on Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:30 pm

Hello, I'm Lilthal and I will be your mod for this process.

Everything perfect, only need to note that if you want to actually suffocate you will need to put it into a spell and it will be very limited.

Other then that perfect, approved.


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Re: Genesis Williams [Completed]

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