Glue, paper and people [D-rank mission]

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Glue, paper and people [D-rank mission]

Post by Catherina on Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:07 pm

The calming sound of raindrops crashing against the rooftops filled the city. Clouds, swollen like pregnant whales, swam through the sky tauntingly slow. No hurry for those who have an eternity. Unlike the storm that simply existed, Cat lived and had to run from one place to the other in order to get the preparations done in time for the task she had been put up with. She cursed the rain that she loved so much; she didn't look awful, yet, but the rain was certainly trying to mess up her outfit. She could only imagine what the people would say during the meeting if her first appearance would allow them to believe that she was a panda. A quick look in a nearby window reassured her that the mascara hadn't been leaking, not yet. Time time time. It was all about time and she was actually running a bit late. It was partly Alex' fault really. .. though there was no use in sulking about that now. Obviously the younger de la Luna was simply getting bored. The girl had always been one that needed quite some attention. A single sighed escaped past Catherina's lips as she walked into the building. Heels quickly clicked against the cold tiles as she proceeded. Well, no wood this time. No taking off your shoes, no cosy slippers.

Hopefully she would be able to pursue the ones in the meeting room to allow her to spread the flyers. Jeeze – really? It were only flyers! They needed people.. why was everyone being such an ass about the matter?

Straightening her back the young woman raised her chin before entering the meeting hall. Oh..
Her icy gaze scanned the area, counting the men present. Twelve. She could deal with twelve..

“Celestin-san, like you've heard there's nothing threatening about our Guild. Blue Pegasus has never been, and never will be on the side of the Guilds that murder and only seek power. We want to help people, to help them learn how to control their gifts, how to help our society by doing just that. If anything then joining us will make sure that the potential Mages won't fall into the wrong hands. It wouldn't benefit anyone if someone capable would chase the wrong dream and turn things into a nightmare. A shame of their powers, a shame of all the ones that could possibly get hurt.”

There were so many other things that she wanted to tell him, but the look on his face said it all. She had won him, he was in her camp now. That went easier than she had expected. The man nodded furiously before starting a monologue of his own. Words fell but Cat's thoughts were already somewhere else. He was the one who would decide whether she could put the posters, and give out the flyers concerning her Guild. Unless.. no. There hadn't been mass objections- in all honesty there had only been one objection, which hadn't even made sense. Catherina's suspicion towards the man summed up in one sentence would be that someone he knew was a part of another Guild. One that might have been their rivals.. but really. It hardly mattered.

Another twenty minutes or more were spent on formalities. Catherina took initiative for the second time, a short reassurance that there would be no clashing of 'fans' or 'potential Mages' that didn't agree with the posters. While she had only been in Oshibana three times before, she didn't doubt that the people around here were calm. No problems should present themselves.

”Well, I'll better get going then, Celesin-san. Thank you for your understanding and support!”

A perfect bow, one that was returned to her before the Mage exited the building. Gluing posters wasn't her thing, but Alex loved it. Once the sky had cleared up, and the rain was vanished the two sisters wandered the streets. Catherina had to smile seeing Alexandra happily announcing to people that they should join the Blue Pegasus Guild in case that they were looking for one. At some point Cat even heard her mentioning free cookies to a girl that was her age.

Whatever works for her..

A couple of hundred flyers later, they stopped for a bowl of ramen. As long as the rain wouldn't return the day would be a success.

“Arigatou gozaimasu.”

Catherina paid for the noodles while Alexandra stalked the owner and managed to leave some flyers behind on half of the tables around.

“You should have been the one to take over the shop, people would have bought all of our stash in the first two days.”

The grin was teasing, but Cat meant what she had just said. Alex acted as if she hadn't heard the compliment, loudly nomming on her pork ramen. The girl had issues with handling compliments, either she turned aggressive, thinking Cat was being sarcastic, or shy- like now.

“Allright, let's get this last pack over with and I'll train with you like I've promised you this morning!”

Getting Alexandra out of bed always had a price.

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