The Darkness Within

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The Darkness Within

Post by Darkurr on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:06 pm

"Don't touch that."
"No, not that box either."

The two of them stood at the harbor, trying to solve an odd question. "Okay... so then what box are we looking for?" Darkurr asked. He was curious to find the shipment. He turned to look at her once more, "Miss Montclaire?" he asked.

The woman turned to give a poisonous smile at him. "As my apprentice, I expected more of you." she said jokingly, "Afterall, I do plan to retire eventually." She leaned on a large crate at her side, They had both been venturing into the warehouse for at least a few hours. They had ordered something from overseas, to which would be to Darkurr's surprise. "Have you forgotten the clues?"

Darkurr sighed as he looked all over the place for a large box that was just too square, and with a hint of green. "... No... Of course I still remember..." he said to himself. He looked around, only to find that all boxes were cubes, and all were green from aged wood. "... Wait... is this the birthday present you said you'd get me?"

He always hated trying to learn something from his guildmaster.

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