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Yoshigé Mizuzoku

Biographical Information:
Age: 19
Birth Date: Februas Decim
Birthplace: Unknown
Relatives: N/A

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 129lbs
General Description: Someone of thin and slender stature. He is lanky and often described as the "Noodle the sells noodles" for his skinny appearance. He has black hair, often shaggy from the weather and environment. He often appears older than he is to most people, making people think he's in his mid-twenties, when he is just in his teens. (But it's only a few years.) He is known for his blank expression that is worn almost daily, only to show love and happiness when he is making noodles in his shops all around the world. Some say he hides his emotions because he's a natural born killer. Only those who truly know him know that couldn't be farther from the truth... after all, everyone that get's close to him, he always seems to keep a distance from people, both emotionally, figuratively and quite literally. Almost like he has a fear of getting attached to people.

He often is seen wearing a long coat, often black or that of a midnight violet. His nails are black from some genetic trait in his body. This also is the reason for his red eyes, as well as naturally sharpened teeth (Meaning more pointed, but not like fangs.) His skin is a pale color. His hair is almost always shown, wither it be a few strands or so, even from behind a mask, his hair will come over the top of his mask. In the day, and only under a intense light, will his color appear that of a dark brown, when naturally it is that of an ebony black.
[i]Face Claim:

Personal Information:
Personality: 250w Minimum "More than often I find myself lost in thought and taking in the world at hand. If you find me, I'll be embracing nature and everything it has to offer this world. Some describe me as Nature's Child or simply put, The Plantman. It has nothing to do with me, but rather my perspective on life. Sure our world has grown and industrialized, but that does not take away from the majesty of the forests around us.

"As a child, I was born into the Hidden Leaf, and thus began my love for the world. However, rather than becoming the most useful tool the village had to offer, I began to illustrate in my classes. I found myself creating blueprints for puppets, buildings, recipes and all other things a child could imagine. You could say my imagination was before my time, but that was simply how things unfolded.

"If you do not find me drawing, or even in some instances, painting, then I will be writing. It's just my escape of the death and fighting between our nations. You see, poetry is a great form of expression. With simple words, rhythm and reason you can win a war with a small verbal exchange. It has nothing to do with wit or how cunning one is, but rather, how freely someone expresses themselves, and how accurate their depictions are.

"Often I find myself lost in myself, second guessing my emotions and behaviors. But just because we have one life, doesn't mean we should waste it. The few times I find myself in battle, I prefer not to be the one leading. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with it, but I would rather have an army that leads itself, than a cluster of soldiers following the footsteps of one person. I am not in the state to go to another funeral of my dearest friends.

"As for dreams, I have many. I want to see a world of peace. I want to see crime and corruption fade away into nothing. I want to reach the utopia that we all dream about as a child, or as someone just inches away from their final breath. But even in that, the hatred of this world, the crimson trails of a wounded ninja, is all... quite poetic.

"There's many ways to live this life. You can't just take the time to think about every little thing you do. Sometimes, you have to act on impulse. Sometimes you gotta take a chance. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment like it's your last. Hell, fall in love with your world, you never know when you'll see it again."

Yoshigé is the type of person who is described as an optimist, only to have the description incorrect. n many ways, he looks at the lighter sides of things like you would expect an optimist to, but focuses on every bit of shade and darkness within that light, thus being a Optimistic Pessimist. He often trails in thoughts and gets caught up in his imagination. He knows he is not the greatest, or even the smartest, but will often act like he if to end up finding another side to certain people. He tests people to find breaking points and their faults. It's not that he is essentially an evil person, but a highly curious one.

Magic Information:
Magic: Gift of The Lion Turtle
Description: (Describe your magic. Be as detailed as possible and tell exactly what your magic can do. But please remember to be reasonable.)
Advantages: (What are the strengths to your magic?)
Disadvantages: (What are the weaknesses to your magic?)

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Mercenary.
Background History: 500w Minimum (Describe your character's back story. Tell us how your character became who they currently are.)

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