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Post by Shinsui on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:15 pm

"Please delete the first add, computer problems mixed up the coding."

Shinobi Gaiden Roleplay!

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The Naruto manga has finally ended. However, it lives on within our hearts, in the Shinobi Gaiden. Shinobi Gaiden RP has many features to offer any new members deciding to join our humble yet awesomely amazing community. At only a week old our site has been able to gain forty members due to the sheer fun of the roleplaying experience. People from all over join, some who haven't even watched Naruto yet wish to learn. With a dedicated staff team full of administrators, moderators, event coordinators, battle planners, and gfx artists, the site itself is extremely well controlled. On top of that, your possibilities as a character are literally infinite!

Play with up to three characters within the canon naruto landscape, allowing you to pick from your favorite villages, or even those minor. Nothing is truly off the table, as even things on our ban list are just temporary. And do all you experienced roleplayers who know how out of hand some characters get, don't worry. There will be balances to anything that staff feels is too powerful for a single character to possess. This allows characters to have things like Flying Thunder God, Susano'o, Rinnegan and even Bijuu! Characters can claim the swords of the seven deadly mist's for themselves or make even more powerful custom weapons to suit their style. You can summon Gamabunta, Naruto's epic frog summon or even Jinkoki, your custom spider monster!

Now you may be thinking, "I've been to other Naruto Sites before. What does Shinobi Gaiden have to offer me?"

  • Up to 3 Custom Characters
  • Infinite Creation Ability
  • Bijuu
  • Flashy Canon Techs
  • Active Members
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Attention where other sites have failed
  • Organized way to roleplay
  • An infinite number of activities, missions and training
  • Any position, including Kage and Akatsuki
  • Starting Ryo
  • Discussion on recent manga and anime
  • A lively community
  • A full list of canon techs and clans premade
  • And much more!

To other site staff:
Please affiliate us! Contact me on my site as well and include your own buttons for us to add to our affiliates section! We're always looking for new partners! We are a rapidly growing community and are always trying to grow faster and hoping to help other sites grow as well. All sites are welcome, no matter how small. We also allow any site to recruit on our site as long as we are also able to recruit on theirs as well.

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