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Midnight of Sierra| Unique Fantasy Wolf RP Empty Midnight of Sierra| Unique Fantasy Wolf RP

Post by briar on Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:18 pm

Welcome to the land of Sierra!!! According to old lore, the mountains of Sierra used to be home to the wonderful, amazing, first elemental wolf the world had ever known. When he passed on, he left behind him a trail of decedents that over time became known as the wolves of the sierra's. These wolves can control even the most strong of elements, along with the most mild. They are colored uniquely, mutated, and thought to be the most creature friendly wolves in existence. Often along-side them, you will find companion bunnies a blessing from an old friend long passed.

* Friendly Staff *
* Welcoming User's *
* Original Character's *
* An Original Plot *
* Over 100 items in the site store *
* Site Events *
* Low Word Count *
* Rper's of All Stages Welcome! *

Come Join Us Today!!!

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