The Queen's Games: an inclusive fantasy roleplay

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The Queen's Games: an inclusive fantasy roleplay

Post by The Queen's Games on Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:43 am


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The violent upheaval in Kalim's criminal community has gone on for too long, crippling the country's infrastructure. It has been months since the military occupied Kalim's largest cities to enforce peace, and the shadows are still filled with heated battles to see who will fill the power vacuum. With greater threats on the horizon, the Crown has ordered that the conflict must be settled, by whatever means.

Agents of the New Rook Council have uncovered evidence of a violent military purge planned to rid the cities of corrupting influence. Such a drastic measure can only drag innocents down with is intended targets. Time is wearing thin as both Guards and Rooks scramble to contain the situation and prevent the tide of loss threatening the cities.


The Queen's Games is a no-wc medieval fantasy roleplay that aims to provide a diverse, inclusive, safe space for all rpers. Our event system assures that the game is driven by players' actions and choices, shaping the world state and future events in accordance with player participation.[/align]

The Queen's Games

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