Ishmael - Fairy Taill Wizard

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Ishmael - Fairy Taill Wizard

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Name: Ishmael

Biographical Information:
Age: 18
Birth Date: March 26, X873
Birthplace: Crocus

  • Father, Marshall Drathus, is a high ranking knight stationed in Era. Due to some bad blood, Ishmael denies his families Surname out of spite of his father and goes to join a guild rather than follow in his footsteps.
  • Mother, Pepper Drathus, was a guild mage and achieved C-rank in her career. Though shortly after reachign said rank, she met Marshall and settled down some time after. She is currently deceased.
  • Step Mother, Jane Fairweather, married to Marshall Drathus sometime after Peppers death and Ishmaels disappearance. Has a son named Devin. Very obediant and knows how to sta out of the way of situations.
  • Step-Brother, Devin Fairweather, step brother and son to Marshall and Ishmael. Aspires to be like Marshall and become a knight. He is rather uptight bully.

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ' 0"
Weight: 197 lbs
General Description: Ishmael is an average height male that tries to keep in shape. With shoulders broad and abs rippling, the man stands at an even 6 foot. His skin is a smooth coconut color, blending in nicely with his white eyebrows, slick white hair, and yellow eyes. The facial structure his genetics gave him had dictated that his face be slightly long with a strong and defined mandible and jaw line. On his back lies his guild tattoo, the Fairy Tail Mark. It is larger than all the other marks in the guild, and made to look like a scar but still distinctive enough to tell what guild he belonged to. Mentioned before, his hair is white and slick. The max length that he allows it to be is just below his neck and this is generally how he wears it. His eye brows match the color scheme; being white and bushy, they help lend to his serious facial expression.

As for clothing, the wizard tends to be in a dark red kimono like robe. It has a navy blue belt that wraps around his waist and tied in the middle to keep the robe closed. Around his arms are wrapped with black bandage to help tie the look all together and to keep his knuckles and fore arm partially protected doing physical training. On his feet are socks and traditional samurai like wooden sandals. Of course this is his main outfit. He also switches to a fine black suit with a dark red tie with black dress shoes.
Face Claim: Sajin Komamura (Human Form) - Bleach

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: To be frank, Ishmael has grown into kind of a klutz despite his very... serious appearance, this is a true a fact for anyone that knew this man. Well, only temporarily anyways. It only seemed to come out when his nose was deep into a story and he just wasn't paying attention to where he was going. While his focus is not placed on some fantasy story, the man can be pretty coordinated. He just isn't good with multitasking all that much.

As for his other personality traits, Ishmael can be quite the cold hearted person or so it can seem due to his upbringing. The man cares for those around him that he can consider friends, but he has trouble showing or expressing said emotions, which is how he can seem unfeeling or uncaring. It's not that he doesn't want to convey  that he cares for what is going on, he just doesn't know how. It is something that he needs to work on. Even though he has his faults, anyone that knows him well enough would say he is a pretty good person. A good person that can get into little moods that he will just go quiet and leave the area.

During battle, he can be quite the serious ally. Ishmael tries to put all focus on his fighting so that even if he loses, he can hold his head up and say that he gave it his best, it is how he tries to live life. Nothing is more disappointing to him than doing something half heartedly and then losing or failing due to it.

Magic Information:
Magic: Re-Quip: A Ballad of Angel & Demon
Description: The name "A Ballad of Angel & Demon" is a little misleading. It is not magic based on sound, but a Re-quip magic. It's a magic that allows the user to Re-quip armor and weapons of Angels and Demons. These creatures, that the magic is based on, comes from a series of novels by an unknown author. The series tell stories of Angels and Demons, the struggles they go through as they war with one another, and  how a new race (Humans) were born. At lower levels, the wizard using this magic can only re-quip into lesser angel and demon weapons and armor. As the mages strength and rank increase, the higher tier of Angels and Demons become more available to emulate and  re-quip into. The highest rank for the Angels are Archangels and for Demons it is the Great Evils.
Advantages: As a Re-quip magic, A Ballad of Angel & Demon can have a multitude of armors and weapons. These weapons can be summoned from a pocket dimension and can be of varying elemental types. The major advantage for this magic is that it doesn't cost to summon or maintain said equipment. Any other advantage would vary too much due to the range of the magic.
Disadvantages: One of the bigger disadvantages to A Ballad of Angel & Demon is that Ishmael cannot mix angel equipment with demon. As well, the armor and weapons are not indestructible, like with all re-quip magics. Due to each armor and weapon being different,  most, if not all, disadvantages are to each  piece of equipment.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Guild: Fairy Tail
Background History:
What a Youth:
March 26, X873 was the most important and disastrous day for the Drathus family as this was the day Ishmael Drathus was born. A wizard that would stomp on family tradition and disappoint his own father. Born to Marshall and Pepper, Ishmael  came into the world with a boisterous cry and flailing limbs. From the start, Marshall should have known the trouble he would eventually bring, but both parents were too happy to think a head. They finally started a family that they have looked forward to for years.

As a toddler, the child was happy, bubbly, and innocent. Ignorant of that around him, as most young children are. Ishmael made friends with the neighboring children as well as the family friends kids. For him, life was amazing. Nothing could break his spirit down. However, behind closed doors, a life he could never view until he was older, his father was hateful, he was brutal and cruel in the things he would do. His mother, Pepper, often took beatings for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or perhaps the anger was directed at her purposely even though it had no merit.

Around the age of 6, Ishmael began a lot of his studies. His father hired a tutor to teach the boy about Fiore. He learned about who ruled, the Magic Council, Rune Knights, and other Subjects and information Marshall found important. The father was very persistent on this as a Male from every generation and family branch of the Drathus family has joined the Knights. Seeing as Ishmael was the first born, and only child, this was his father's goal for the child. However, his mother wanted him to learn to like arts and be creative, more so, writing and books. So, Pepper got him stories, books, and helped him write and be creative.

Through his adolescent and youth years, the child spent most of his  time learning from tutors, his mother, and other various sources, being ignorant to the drama that was slowly becoming more rampant within the Drathus family. Quickly, he aspired to be like the image of his father that Marshall Portrayed to the world, A shining example of what a Knight should be. As well, he got really into a Fictional book series Called "A Ballad of Angel and Demon". The story was written and revolved around a world of Angels, Demons, and their spawn, the humans. They were his favorite books to be read to and to read. These were also liked by his mother, whether it was the only reason or not, they kept him occupied and distracted while things unfolded between her and his father.

The Discovery and Change:

While aging further into his life, the boy slowly began noticing subtle things around the house. There were small bits of blood in the carpets, seeming random to him. Other things like too much empty face make-up piling up in the trash can, and every once in a while a haunting scream, moan, or groan would sound through the house. It was all odd for this now Pre-teen boy to discover within the house. AS far as he knew, the place wasn't haunted by spirits or anything. however, very soon, fate would bring him to the point where all the evidence would lead.

The day fate would bring him too arrived, a year after he began noticing things, the worst groan he had heard yet had resonated throughout the house. Being that this has been eating at him for the  whole year, Ishmael went to investigate. As he moved through the hallways of his house, a vase crashing on the floor could be heard rather clearly. Guessing, he went to the study of the house since that was the only place something breakable was residing (He thought the plates and other kitchen things were indestructible).

The boy opened the door ever so slightly to peek in. The light was on, but was dimmed. His mother laid on the floor, propped up by one arm as tears streamed down from her face. His father took place just above her with a rather angry and stressful look to his face. The breakable thing he heard was indeed a vase that was splattered on the other side of the room. His mind, still young, was trying its best to piece the picture together. Why was his father in such a way? Why is his mother on the ground crying? Why was the vase broken? With a push of the door, the child questioned his parents to figure out what was happening.

Marshall Drathus walked over and picked his child up while still being in a fury. Pepper, begged for the man to leave the kid out of it, to not hit him, the man did not listen. He pinned Ishmael to the wall and told him to keep quiet about this. If he told anyone, bad things would happen to him and his mother. The fear and hatred was now implanted into the poor kids mind. While that should have been enough, his father made it clear with a quick jab to the kids gut. Marshall put Ishmael to bed and the whole ordeal ended there.

And here was the beginning of Ishmaels introverted quietness.

The Knightly Departure:
The years of abuse to both his mother and himself has left Ishmael retreating from any friends he once had. Out of fear he stayed quiet most of the time and tried to drown himself in the stories of books that he could get his mitts on. Still, A Ballad of Angels & Demons, was always his go to.  He just loved the Angels and demon concept and the wars they had. While he could identify with the Angels, reading on the demons seemed fun. It was clear this series had impacted Ishmael's life, though soon, it will show just How much of an impact this had on his very heart.

Fast forward a few years and It was Ishmael's 16ht Birthday. The day of devastation for Marshall Drathus and for Ishmael. The abuse Marshall dealt had finally wore on Pepper. Her body gave way and she died in her sleep the night before. The family was now finally broken, Ishmael even worse. The only person he could actually talk to without fear of a beating, the only person he felt would love him forever, now gone from the physical world. After they had a funeral for Pepper, Ishmael finally grew the pair he always needed and confronted his father in the study. It was time. His own anger, his fear, his regret, his sorrow ,and his dreams all came out. In a large outburst of rage to his father, he tried to fight him. He knew of his magic, he studied magic on his father's whim, but even know these things, he didn't know the full extant. He was instantly blown back by the mage, but no surrender was in sight. Despite his spirit, his body was pretty weak from the sheer force of his father.

The heart is a powerful thing. Not only in the literal sense, but in metaphorical as well. Ist can drive a human to do things they know they shouldn't for one reason or another, it can keep ones spirit from wavering and connect them to things that may never have been possible in similar situations before. Just like now with Ishmael. His spirit unwavering, desperate to show his father that he is standing up, that he is putting a foot down. His spirit and heart connected to his inner pool of magic and started to manifest into what the mage will come to know as his magic, Re-quip: A Ballad of Angel & Demons.

The teen was now clad in shining gold armor, a white hood, and had white magic tendrils extending from his back. He now mocked and appeared to be one of the basic angel foot soldiers from his favorite books, An Angel. With a rush to his father, he was able to at least push him into the wall and hold him momentarily. The boy now a man, Told his father what was needed, that he will never join the knights, never aspire to be like Marshall again, and to eventually see the Justice would be done. Fearing that his transformation was only temporary, the teen left the house, never to return to it or the name of Drathus. Good news was that the young Drathus was able to stand up for himself, Bad news was that his mother died and he was conditioned to be quiet and secluded. Now that he was free, he could work on that last bit.

Sometime later, Ishmael learned that the author of the book series he loved was none other than his mother Pepper using a fake name.

The New Fairy:
After Ishmael departed his old life, he soon found himself in Magnolia famous for many things, but infamous for Fairy Tail. A Guild that prides themselves on being a family and never giving up, and sometimes on destruction of property. This group was ideal to what the mage needed  to help himself out of fear and helped develop  his magic. So he approached the guild hall... appearing shy at first but requested to join. They instantly accepted him as if he were a part of their family all their lives.

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Re: Ishmael - Fairy Taill Wizard

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Ello and I can't say how much this application was wonderful to read, amazing.  

Application approved.


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