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Nerissa Roberts

Post by Nerissa Roberts on Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:00 pm

Name: Nerissa Roberts

Biographical Information:
Age: 13
Birth Date: 7, June, X878
Birthplace: Alahambra
Father: Charles Roberts, is deceased.
Mother: Diane Roberts, is deceased.
Master: Daniel Lucien, is deceased.

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 4’7”
Weight: 87
General Description: Nerissa isn’t like any normal girl, once sickly child she fell fatally ill at the age of five when her parents made a deal with a devil of sorts. Granting her the ability to live her life as empty vessel in a woven body. On close inspection the the to emerald eyes shaded by her blond bangs doesn’t even produce a shimmer of reflection when hit with a light. Across her wrists she adorns black silken bracelets garnished about the edges with white ruffled handkerchiefs that are meant to cover up the stitches that hold her arm and hand together. These seams are about most of her body connecting appendages to the torso. (There are seams up and down her spine to contain her innards, where her arms meet her torso, where her head meets her torso, at her scalp concealed by the yarn blonde wig, at her lower abdomen where her legs attach and at her feet.) Due to unhumanly figure status she often wears long black stockings to cover up the stitches which is basically her bodies form of an immune system and means to heal from cuts. Garbed usually adorn in woolen clothing Nerissa favors the monochromatic spectrum when it comes to colors. A white laced headband is aloft her head gently mantled within her yarn hair. Across her neck is red velvet choker which helps pin her outfits collar about the neck seams. Nerissa’s tastes extremely partial to the black bustier or corset-style tops, exhibiting a maid style uniform. Usually accompanied by a matching black miniskirt or tunic. Over her ebony bustier she often wears a white embroidered mantle which is tied up by the red velvet choker. Various hem jobs are visible across her body primarily about her arms and belly from where she had attained injuries in scuffles. Ten rings each laced with thread attach to a little doll which she clings to like that of a toddler. Each ring comprised of various metallic alloys that can be scavenged from a dump. Her guild tattoo will appear like that of a patch ironed onto her skin upon the backside of her right hand.

Face Claim: Touhou, Alice Margatroid.

Personal Information: Nerissa Roberts is a peculiar read even to those that know her, primarily seen as this misanthrope among social outings. Always retaining a vigilant watch of those whom she fraternize with since they could always be moles about keeping tabs upon her for her recently deceased demonic boss. Due to the recently deceased, Nerissa has a terrifying fear of authority figures as she remembered being punished on numerous account due to her failures. This punishment often causing the mere realization of failing to shift her into a catatonic state. Firm in her own beliefs, Nerissa is often viewed as stubborn as she is unwilling to adapt to the changes that have been revolving through society. A lot of her morals are a bit lopsided from being risen as a puppet of a demon. Nerissa is rumored to believe that: acts of mercy are a sin that causes serious repercussion, that felines are able to steal your soul from brushing against you, material substance from a living being is for superior beings, and that laws are boring. Due to her previous her master, Nerissa is extremely terrified of defying future masters causing her to act as an obedient servant to those she feels superior to her. Finally when talking about the sewn mistress of chaos, one must realize that her insane demeanor that usually craves blood is concealed by a more benign one. Mellowly meandering her way through life with little care of the lives of those around her.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Magic Information:
Magic: Marionette’s Malice
Description: A holder based magic, Marionette’s Malice, relying solely upon the use of the porcelain doll that is tightly gripped and in most cases sewn into the user. The doll’s appearance shifts based upon the magicians desire or emotional stability. These techniques are focused primarily upon supplementary and defense as most dolls usually don’t contain high firepower. The user makes constructs that fight for them which use special techniques that are unique to the state which it has taken on. Offense, defence, and supplementary spells are all available in their arsenal but are only able to be used when that doll is out. Those who use this type of magic are also capable of using dolls around to swap places which is why these magic casters often stick close to their home turf or toy shops.

Advantages: Highly mobile, durable, defensive.
Disadvantages: Weak against fire, steel and water type spells. Lowered speed.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Guild: Phantom Lord
Background History:
Nerissa Roberts. Born June 7 X878 in Alahambra upon the dark and dusty roads. Charles and Diane were a poor couple who weren’t even able to attain the proper channels which one usually takes for giving birth which left Nerissa in the tender care of mother natures elements. The same elements which would drive her into a breathless state due to the unsanitary conditions which she was released to. Less than a year later Nerissa suffered from a severe case of bronchitis which left her entire body void of breath for long periods. Uncertain of where to go, the Roberts went to the only person they knew who had the power to keep their child alive. Daniel Lucien, a well known demon in the small under cropping of Alahambra specializing in the ability of summoning the dead back to life. Pleading for his benevolence to grace their child, he humbly accepted demanding cursing them that she would turn on them both upon her eighteenth birthday slaying them in their sleep so that she would then turn to be his doll for eternity. Unbelievably desperate to keep Nerissa in the world of the living they agreed to the insane agreement. In an instance the girls cry would grace the room with its piercing ring her parents exalting the demon for his services.

Years would pass with little to no changes in the girls health, in fact she never seemed to come down with illnesses which the other children did. Raised upon the streets, Nerissa was forced into a groveling state where she had to beg of perform for every meal that she would eat. However, by the age of seven she had wandered off to a familiar part of the town which was ran by none other than that infamous Daniel who graciously greeted her with tender smiled when she strolled his way. Always offering her treats and gifts so long as she tended to some of his business associates. In general she was used as a messenger to discuss terms and disagreements that had formed between his colleagues. A tension that usually resulted in numerous bruises and scars that would be dished out upon her, regardless of the old saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” When she failed to return without such vigorous assaults that usually left her swollen, the temper of Daniel would reveal his devilish side which Nerissa learned to fear. In her work of business it was more appropriate for her to deal with his business associates with violence hopefully with a permanent business termination. Most accounts of the manslaughter were covered up or never solved however, Nerissa is wanted for various crimes.

As she grew older her parents began to worry about her wellbeing hearing the rumors of missing persons reports and the idea that she was in cahoots with the man who had brought her back from the dead essentially. When she was fourteen her parents realized that there were scars and stains of blood on their little girl. The Roberts were determined to engage Daniel in a verbal confrontation. When they arrived at the devil’s nest, so to speak, they were appalled to sea their daughter bleeding at the bottom of his feet fading in and out of consciousness. The reasons for her state was unknown to her parents but Daniel had taken a sword to her belly releasing gastual fluids from her stomach as well as blood in punishment of hearing that her parents were coming for such a talk. With a wicked grin across his face, Daniel would slit both her parents throats before her eyes explaining as she too felt her own life fading away. Slipping into the cold embrace of death she was fiercely ripped back to life in the form of a life sized mannequin. A agonizing sensation as her own life was sewn into this lifeless catalyst which would be her new means of serving her master. Demoted to a mere maid for him she would work low and meaningless jobs in a ageless doll that assumed that of her normal humanly features but of a twenty one year old. Spending the first few years of her service silently cleaning his layer.

Six years of that hell would pass till she finally found came across the scene of Daniel’s murder finally released from his cruel grip. Running away with the life values that he had instilled into her she found herself begging for acceptance in a society which she could never belong.
Nerissa Roberts

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Re: Nerissa Roberts

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Interesting character concept, nice app.

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