The Kingdom of Archades [ PB ] - Medieval Political Fantasy

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The Kingdom of Archades [ PB ] - Medieval Political Fantasy

Post by Archades on Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:30 pm

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In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the force of change rises like the moon. The King’s heir – a woman, the first ever – is moving to save her throne and her family from the rising threat of the former Royal Family, a House they themselves deposed. Each side struggles to tip the balance in their favor and seize power.

Sides are being drawn; friends and enemies change with the blink of an eye and each person stands on the precipice of choice – who to support, the Deverauxs or the Sandovals?


The Kingdom of Archades is an original, medieval fantasy RPG, set in a highly active, open forum where the emphasis is on quality, creative writing and shared ideas. We are a no pressure group, where we’re all just in it for the fun of writing, interacting and sharing stories.

Simple application. No word count per post. 18+ players preferred, please.


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