Captain Scarlets Ragged Adventure!

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Captain Scarlets Ragged Adventure!

Post by Priscilla Greenwich on Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:26 pm

The Play

*Curtain rises, revealing a large seafaring vessel set complete with a foolhardy crew of pirates*

Captain Scarlet: Yaar harr! Come on yea land grovelling scallywags, s’time to shov’off to sea. Thar’s been talk ov a passengar ship riddled with un’spect’n aristocrats. What ya say we go’n rob’m blind boys!

Jumping down from the mast, laced in three inch long high heels gold tattered military coat and colossal pirates hat ta boot. Scarlets scraggly crew of performers all shouting in approval over her inspiring speech. Each actor shuffling across the stage as if they were aboard a real pirate ship casting off into the vast blue sea. The orchestra playing complimentary piece that helped rile the crews enthusiasm as they began their song.

Crew: Release the mainsail,
Roll up the anchor push her off to sea!
Capt’ns Scarlet anxious,
To find out where them ships may be.
Caste’n on off to sea.

Clouds be roll’n,
O’va ya skies but we hav no fear!
We be strong an,
Fearless pirates well prepp’d with gear.
Look’n for where they might be.

Crescendoing to the finale the orchestra would then release their whole note for a dramatic silence as the crew went about maintaining their course. Not a single one phased by the strange musical number that had just taken place. Boarding the great passenger liner of the kingdom the crew would wind up in a heated battle with the navy countless dying on both sides replicating the appearance of blood with various spells to make its effects appear more realistic. As the great attack came to an end the entire pirate crew laid dead or chained as their vessel was surrounded by the kingdom's royal navy. Shackled and bound Captain Scarlet and five other survivors would be lead off to a prison.

*curtain falls to reveal a large message saying intermission*

Priscilla sat in the middle section of the theatre armed with a bag of popcorn and drink an expression of dumbfoundment across her face. Completely lost in the recent events of the play she held her notebook in hand. I wish that they had a signer on the side, I can’t catch a glimpse of what they are saying. Sighing unable to fix the situation she was in she would stand up from her seat. Both arms raised outstretched in the air to hopefully keep the her blood circulating as she could feel her arm going limp. Dressed in a black mini skirt and violet top she would release a robust yawn as she had no idea how loud she was. Arms drooping down back to her sides as she felt satisfied from her stretching. The notebook still lying on top of her chair.

*after the five minute intermission the pirates then set the scene for their final musical number at the noose*
Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die
Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die
The King and his men stole the queen from her bed
and bound her in her bones
The seas be ours and by the powers
Where we will...we'll roam
Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never say we die
Some men have died and some are alive
And others sail on the sea
With the keys to the cage
And the devil to pay
We lay to Fiddler's Green!
Yo, Ho haul together, hoist the colours high
Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die

Shuffled off the screen Scarlet and her crew’s shadows would be the only thing visible upon the backdrop of the curtain. The nooses being tightened around their necks as they continued there singing till the executioner pulled the lever that would drop all the shadowed figures that dangled in the air. The crowd releasing a mixture of shrieks and cheers from the acting as the curtain dropped on the end of the play. Quickly the cast would all jog out receiving their due applause. The crowd roaring and whistling as the famed Captain Scarlet took her bow obviously receiving the praise of her male fans.

Slowly the theatres crowd would disperse as the cast walked off the screen hugging and highfiving one another on their performance. The amusement of the play however fell on deaf ears as Priscilla slumped into her seat depressed that she didn’t get to catch half of what the play was about. Eyes scanning back and forth as she decided where she would exit from coming to a simple conclusion. She would remain seated like a slug slowly oozing through the cushioned furniture. A couple groups lingered out while three or four stood about talking with one another presumably about the play or what was next on their schedule. Certain that the rest would take a while Prill would begin to peel herself out from the theatre seats, firmly planting both her feet upon the ground and spinning ninety degrees to head for the closest exit.
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