A New Character! Bura, the Celestial Kid

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A New Character! Bura, the Celestial Kid

Post by Bura on Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:41 am

Name: Bura Saburashi

Biographical Information:
Age: 7
Birth Date: 11, December, X885
Birthplace: East Forest
Relatives: None

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 3 Feet 4 Inches
Weight: 54 Pounds
General Description: Has black silky hair, red/orange eyes, is actually very thin, swift, and fit. Has a few scars, most of the scars are from when hunting as a young boy in the forest, and being attacked and scratched by various animals such as bears and wolves that were eventually fended off by his celestial spirit who was mostly his protector. Since he was basically abandoned in the woods as a child, he had found mysterious tattoo markings on his back but he hides them and does not speak of them. But other than that, is his guild tattoo for Fairy Tail which is on his chest meaning the guild is very close to his heart. Normally whenever the markings on his back are revealed he will hide from any eyes he sees. He usually acts shy when asked about the markings but wishes he knew more about what they actually said.
Face Claim: Hibiki Kuze, from Devil Survivor 2

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heteroromantic/Heterosexual
Personality: He tends to be quiet and shy and nervous around other people, and stay away from them. But if they end up being his friends, or they end up warming up to him, he can be energetic and kind and silly. He normally tries to keep a neutral expression around 'enemies'. He absolutely enjoys being around friends, but may seem a little socially awkward around new people until he's known them for a long time. He will either hide, or be totally out in the open and energetic. But it is actually very hard to tell how he will act.  He pretty much has two personalities. On one hand, he is very very very shy and very very very secretive for one second, then BAM the next he will be dancing around giggling and smiling. He won't care what others think of him if he is in his own little world, or he may just be on his energetic hype and not care what other people may think of him like "What is that idiotic kid doing?" or, "Geez that kid is just too hyper" nope. That is nothing to him when he is excited and open minded. However, in his shy secretive state he will usually hide in his own quiet corner or behind his celestial spirits and stay quiet and either nap, draw, or read. He's pretty much a bipolar kid. But none the less if approached correctly, he can be quite friendly and helpful not to mention kind. And sometimes a little evil by pranking people! But be careful not to approach him in an energetic way.
Magic Information:
Magic: Celestial
Description: Celestial Magic is when powerful beings from another dimension can be summoned by a person through the use of special keys, who are in the colors Silver, which are the weakest. Gold, Which are strong, powerful beings. And Jade, which are extremely powerful containing the power of some of the strongest mages. Silver keys are not as rare as gold and jade keys and can even be bought in magic stores. But gold and jade cannot be sold in stores considering how powerful they are, making them extremely rare and usually can be earned through jobs as a wizard if the pay is high enough.
Advantages: My spirits are able to protect me well and are powerful
Disadvantages: I seem to be very vulnerable as an individual; being 7 years old and all.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral
Guild: Fairy Tail (Will be just joining as I enter the Roleplay)
Background History: As a 6 month old baby, he was abandoned in the East Forest by his parents with nothing left with him but clothing and two keys...a golden key and a silver key, which he eventually found out were what were called celestial keys that could summon beings from another dimension. He eventually taught himself how to walk with the support of the celestial spirits as he slowly became 2 years old. He had hunted for himself and lived in the East Forest with his celestial spirits for nearly his whole entire life. He was out hunting one day and the air was fresh with amazing scents...scents he had never smelled within the East Forest in his life! It was a wagon carrying delicious food in the back...as he climbed up into the trees and followed the truck branch to branch, he had listened to the two men in the front for a while now as he waited for the perfect time to steal the food and they talked of a guild in the town they were heading to. They made it sound fantastic and he made a decision that day. As he stole the bountiful supplies and sweets and baked goods from the wagon, he vowed that he would journey to this amazing guild they spoke of. And so he trained. Anytime he could he would ask his celestial spirit friends about magic and guilds and wizardry. He would more than often spend his nights looking up at the stars and listening to his spirits talk of the amazing feats of all sorts of famous magic types and wizards. They even spoke of how well known Fairy Tail was and how as a guild they were fantastic and friendly and kind. And most times he would fall asleep without them knowing. But during the days, he would hunt until he couldn't take another step. Until he eventually came up with a plan. For one day, he would hunt enough food to keep him full for a while. Then, the next day he could practice celestial magic and then snack on whatever food he had found until he felt like a stuffed turkey and as he rested there he would listen to a nearby pond's peaceful noises or listen to his celestial friends explain and talk about everything that included magic! He could have stayed right where he was lying for ever and not ever get bored of their stories. He thought of his celestial spirits kind of as his parents. He loved them in a sort of way. And on one day, he had made his decision. He would travel from the East Forest all the way to the city called "Magnolia" to find the guild, Fairy Tail. He was totally jittery, excited, and nervous all at the same time. But his spirits supported him and so they decided that it was settled. Once they would have hunted for a few days in a row and gathered enough meat and supplies to last the journey; they would make their way to Magnolia and join Fairy Tail where they could be happy and surrounded by friendly people who would help take care of him. In a few days, they set off dancing and singing songs they had made up in the forest. It took them a while, and when they reached there their supplies had dwindled. And so they did not approach the guild yet just that day, they climbed up atop a roof and rested their weary feet, excited for what was to come the next day.[/i]

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Re: A New Character! Bura, the Celestial Kid

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:40 pm

Aside from a few coding errors, this app is fine. Approved.
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