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Priscilla Greenwich

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Name: Priscilla Greenwich

Biographical Information:
Age: 21
Birth Date: 23, December, x869
Birthplace: Lockane
Mother: Lucille Greenwich
Father: Jasper Greenwich

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 142
General Description:
Often categorized as blood stained hair, Priscilla prefers being referred to as a carrot-top as a brisk warm smile will applaud your choice of words. This sleek crimson mane rests atop her head streaming down in gangly lines, tempered with an exotic twist as it reaches her rump. Her bangs are trimmed so that they gently bleed into her tender eyes. Priscilla’s pupil are a are encompassed by shimmering aquamarine iris. Accompanied by a cute button nose and plump lips that are creased slightly from the amount of smiling she had done as a child.

To the opposite sex, Priscilla is often praised for her devilishly luscious figure. Priscilla filling out a fully developed figure at the age of 18. Often viewed more as an ornament than a person, Priscilla is tapestried with garments pale or dark pigmentation. Priscilla has been known to, on occasion, change up her color pallet. Despite her elite presence, she is surprisingly toned with muscle as she use to exercise only a daily basis with her childhood companions. A routine which she continues to observe. Relatively embarrassed of her womanly attributes, Priscilla is usually ashamed of wearing scandalous outfits: bathing suits, skin tight, dangerously provocative uniforms, etc. Be that as it may, Priscilla is commonly scene it what appears to be a school uniform as she is naive though to the masculine mind and their fascination of girls in school uniforms. She is particularly fascinated by the button up dress-shirts with button up cuffs around the wrist.

Face Claim: Rias Gremory, Highschool dxd

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality:Raised as the daughter of nobleman, Priscilla is quite tranquil due to her upbringing and her auditory impairment. Forced into this silent state, primarily due to her inability to recognize sounds, Priscilla wanders about like a mute primarily from the fear of being the laughing stock of large conglomerations of people. Mortified by the mere thought of letting out a peep, including for laughter, Priscilla usually keeps her lips zipped tight. Even when faced with one on one conversations Priscilla prefers to sign or  write out her responses even to those she is closest to. When communicating with others her once finally tuned civility was completely forgotten due to her distaste for her parents. Usually, Priscilla is well versed when she despises her company purely as a means to disorient them. On the off chance, Priscilla is usually less formal and almost tomboy in her literary techniques. Examples:

Despised: Must you continue that utterance that dribbles from your tongue or can we savor a more appealing tone of playful banter.
Glee: That was hilarious (generic boy name), why don’chu and I hop over to the Pranc’n Ponie for ‘bit and order to chocolate milks.
Disappoint: I apologize for any trouble I may have caused you. I will be leaving now.

Like and open book, Priscilla’s moods are easily interpretable when looking at her expression. Although she isn’t always courteous to the feelings of other about her, Priscilla having been pampered most her life prefers bluntness and honesty. She isn’t the type to cry over an insult or two (three or more on the other hand usually are interpreted as purposeful as she can read the sarcasm that carries in peoples voices when she reads their lips). She is terrible at reading others emotions which makes it just as hard when people toss around sarcasm. A first encounter with her can be seen as insensitive as she will ignore you if she doesn’t see that you had addressed her. Magnanimous to a fault Priscilla has been know to give away small fortunes to con artists as she could care less about wealth and power.

Magic Information:

Magic: Takeover Magic: Fulgar Anguilliformes(Lightning Eel)

Description: This magic is extremely particular to the user and the beast which they transform into relying upon singular elements. Water, lightning, and poison based spells are her specialty as there are four types of eels that this takeover is based around. Full takeover is extremely difficult to identify whether or not Priscilla has any shreds left of humanity in her as the creature is an exceptionally cruel carnivore. Even in a Partial takeover form she has a temper that rivals that of the great storms of the seas.

Siren: The mythological creature that generally bode as an ill omen to sailors is the first takeover. The users abilities are based upon the current of electrons that are coursing through their vocal chords acting as the vibrada and source of their magical spells. In this state males will here a lovely melodic voice dancing through the breeze which carries it. Females on the other hand here a shriek that while isn’t ear piercing is extremely obnoxious. Siren’s don’t actually hear their own tune as most of them mainly sense the vibrations through the water and air to understand what they are doing. Lustful creature, those who do partial or full body takeovers of these creatures often become extremely aggressive especially to other females.

Sea Nymph: Some call them pixies of the sea granting guidance and good fortune to the sailors who encounter them. That was the case till some moron decided that it was a good plan to imprison one much like the old albatross stories. In a violent passion against their enslavers those who do partial or complete takeovers of the sea nymph are usually graceful and obedient although they do have a fearsome rage and tendency to dive with victims to the bottom of large basins of water. Calling upon the currents of the seas they can either bring devastating debuffs or healing to ally or foe. Nymph take over users have incredible speed.

Kraken: The most misunderstood creature of the depth the Krackens are a humble species often diving down to depth unreachable by any type of machine or magic. Using the long tentacles and its countless feelers to ensnare and kill their victims. As a whole in this state the user is extremely calm and collected taking upon a defensive fighting style releasing and ink about them that is usually toxic to any around them. Specializing in debuffs and defense the Kraken takeover users have incredible strength.

Images of Forms:



Siren: Increased charisma, strong against ice and steel magicians, increased maneuverability underwater, and water breathing.
Sea Nymph: Increased agility, strong against fire, increased speed underwater, and water breathing.
Kraken: Increased strength, strong against nature and life, increased maneuverability underwater, and water breathing.

Siren: Decreased speed, weak against earth, decreased speed on land, decreased stamina.
Sea Nymph: Decreased strength, weak against ice, decreased stamina on land
Kraken: Decreased charisma and speed, weak against fire, decreased land and water speed.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment:Lawful Neural
Guild: Mercenary
Background History:


Forgotten Years (Ages 0-4)
Born into an aristocratic bloodline, Priscilla, daughter of Lucille(Oleander) and Jasper Greenwich. Birthed to the esteem Amaranth Hospital. A series of complications almost caused Priscilla to die in her mothers womb if it weren't for the exceptional technique of the leading (doctor for birthing). Unfortunately, Priscilla was hadn't fully developed as other children leaving her completely deaf. Distraught from the condition which Priscilla would have to struggle through her entire life her parent planned years in the future that they would hire experts in their fields for teaching the deaf on top of the usual educational system which other aristocratic children would undergo at her age. Her first month would keep her hospital ridden as her immune system had also seemed extremely sensitive to the various viruses in the world. Labeled as a miracle child, from the various escapes of death, the doctors would finally clear her release into the Greenwich family manner, under the constant supervision of her parents, caretakers, or family physician.

Raised primarily by her wet-nurse for the first two years of her life, her parents wouldn't realize the struggles that accompanied raising a baby as they were married to their business. Her wet-nurse, Teresa Miller, nursed the child among her own four children: Dennis Miller(2 year old), Edward Miller (5 old),Gerald Miller (5 year old), and Esmeralda Miller (8 year old). As Dennis and Priscilla were the same age, give or take a few months, Teresa allowed the two toddler to mingle with one another. Priscilla was often told how inseparable the pair were despite the inability of understanding one another. At the age of 3 she began to recognize the text in the books which was dumbfounding considering her condition. It was rumored that Teresa, in light of this information, bounded through the halls of the Greenwich mansion proclaiming the good news.

Lucille and Jasper immediately praised their sweet young daughters ability hiring a reading assistant for the deaf who would begin teaching Priscilla how to communicate through means of sign language as well as pen. At the age of 4 her parents had also demanded that her teachers get her to the point that she can lip read with 94% accuracy. Mr. and Mrs. Greenwich would not accept anything less than perfection from their child. As Priscilla began to retain the memories of this period, Teresa realized that her years of childish fun were coming to a close.

Severed Ties (Ages 5-9)
At the age of 5, Priscilla had made astounding progress in her methods of communication. Prodigy in  most respects as she was essentially expected to have memorized the entire dictionary in the course of a year, through lip reading as well as composition. Years ahead in both grammar as well as spelling, Priscilla still encountered issues when being taught in the private sector. Her various instructors though had been honing her skills throughout the earlier years which made teaching the subject matters such as history, sciences, and special arts elementary. Priscilla rummaged through the musty old tomes, the only form of entertainment she could appreciate, that lied scattered about her bedrooms floor. Educated in the most general of subjects, Priscilla also was forced to partake of the more elegant teachings which society had to offer including: fencing, etiquette, calligraphy and dance. Only truly mastering two.

Excelling in all of her classes, she was provided two hours of the day which she could use as her own free time. Over the years this free time would be used for playing with her once former playmate Dennis Miller. The two still remembering the countless adventures that they journeyed. As the years persisted however, Lucille and Jasper felt that the youngest Miller child was having negative effects upon their darling little Priscilla. In attempts to sever this playful connection Priscilla's mother and father fired her wet-nurse Teresa. Before Priscilla officially turned seven she would be emotionally cut off from the Millers. The Millers being the only true family that Priscilla trusted, causing this rift between her and her blood parents.

Begrudgingly following the criteria of her instructors Priscilla began to express less and less restraint in her true feelings to her parents. Constantly voicing her hatred at the dinner table in tantrums that consisted of: refusal of sustenance, shattering of plates, and menacing scowls. At first, Mr. and Mrs. Greenwich thought that it was just a phase that would pass till they eventually were forced to confront her on recommendation of Priscilla's physician. In a heated conversation of vigorous lip reading and writing her parent would finally understand her behavior and remedy the situation by essentially buying a friend which they approved of. Another aristocrat's son, Oliver Ramsey alleged fiance. Aggravated by her parents attempts of reconciliation, Priscilla would attempt to bury herself into the mountain of novels she had accumulated. After a couple months of seclusion, Priscilla's father forced her to socialize with Oliver. Oliver was a clever young lad who was quite benign in nature. Thinking of these social interaction as nothing but a mere chore, Priscilla unyielding barrier slowly began to crumble.

Infantile Squabbles (Ages 10-14)
Advancing in maturity as well as years, Priscilla and Oliver became vast friends. Ecstatic by the relationship the two had constructed. Oliver and Priscilla had begun to assist one another in their studies, Oliver learned to sign and she became even more masterful at reading lips. Eventually Oliver even wanted to teach her how to play the piano. Taking the lessons slowly Oliver would start teaching her about the keys upon the lines which framed the music. Scales, chords you name it he delved into all the gritty details of what composed music so although she couldn't hear it she was developing concepts of what it must have been like based upon the vibration. As her lessons continued, Oliver was amazed by her talent to replicate what she learned.

As the years continued, Oliver and Priscilla had various disputes and encounters that would be blown out of proportion and fixed. At one month they could be seen talking about wedding plans and the next they are at one another throats with eating utensils. In the end they both came to a consensus that it would be best that they just remain acquaintances as neither of them were truly what the other wanted as their soulmate.

Puberty's Hell (Ages 15-19)
(Too painful to speak about.)

Leaving the Nest(20-24)

In progress.
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Re: Priscilla Greenwich

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Very impressive app. Well done. Approved!
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