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Post by Anson Kazane on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:30 pm

Heading to the hospital of the town, Anson had no trouble finding the room of the requester. The mere sight of the room was enough to make him embarrassed for the man inside. The hall adorned with posters of the man leading up to his room at the end was humiliating to walk by and know that it was his mission to help this man gain new followers but he had accepted it and would see it through. Taking a deep breath as he neared the door, Anson knocked once before he stepped inside. Immediately greeted by the sight of an elderly man in nothing but a diaper and a shower cap with a gold chain around his neck. Feeling more embarrassed with each passing second, Anson just wanted to get this mission over with as quick as he could and decided to get right to the point.

“Afternoon, I'm here to complete the request that you had sent out quite recently about some help promoting some music of some sort. I will accomplish this as quick as I can to hopefully make this time more bearable for yourself.”

Initially the man in the bed didn't seem all that interested in what Anson had said, which wasn't a big deal, he just wanted to get it over with anyway. A few moments passed by before the man finally acknowledged Ansons presence.

“It's about time someone got here to help me. The main thing I need of you, young man, is to put up some posters about my upcoming album. I've always wanted to be a music artist, but I've been busy with other things and lost track of it until now. And now that my time in this world is almost up, I figured what the hell, it is at least worth a try to make it big in the last chapter of my life.” After a few moments of silence, the man glances back at Anson. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work.”

Rolling his eyes as he turned away, Anson was already growing tired of the old man. Grabbing the small stack of posters as he left the room, he had to make the trip back down the hall of self-indulgence before he finally got outside into the sun. Taking a breath of relief as he walked away, he looked around at the woman as he wandered, occasionally catching glances as he smiled at them in passing. Although they were rather attractive in this area, he had too much to do before he could think about settling down. Walking down the main street, he stick up one of the posters in the main square. Then another on the entrance to the town, before a third on the wall of a the main store, and then finally the fourth then fifth posters on a lamp post on the edge of town and on a tree down by the river that ran parallel to the hill that housed the town.

With all of the posted now hung up around town, Anson returned to the hospital to collect his payment, however, upon arriving back to the old man, the client immediately starting into a tangent about how he would pay Anson after his album sold and he hit it big. After a long sigh, Anson elected to lean in close to the man and gripped the tubing of the mans oxygen machine, cutting of the supply that helped the man keep on going. With his eyes giving the message that he wanted paid now and not be made to wait for something that may never happen. The man quickly got the message as he hurriedly pulled out the payment and pushed it towards Ansons free hand. The moment he had the cash in his hand, he released the tubing before smiling to the man and left. Although he would have released the tubing if it went too far, he just needed to scare the man into paying the price and not try to weasel his way out, Anson had no real intention of going too far and killing the man, although there was a small piece that would not have minded if it had happened.

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