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Karin Amsel

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Name:Karin Amsel

Biographical Information:
Age: 20
Birth Date: 10th October X871
Birthplace: Oshibana
Relatives: Lucian Grey - Adoptive father (deceased)

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 118 lbs
General Description: The Gods of genetics were exceptionally kind to Karin, perhaps because they found the irony in gifting someone so cruel with the face of an angel quite amusing.

Karin’s figure is graceful with soft curves that complement her height perfectly. She’s quite tall for a woman, standing taller than most in her high heels – something she finds highly satisfying, causing others to look up at her. She holds herself with the subtle confidence of one who is comfortable in her own skin. Her complexion is naturally pale and free of blemishes or freckles, though they contain a few hidden scars; faded to thin silver lines over time though still very much present. The paleness of her skin provides a lovely contrast to her dark hair that flows smoothly up to her waist and frames her face in a flattering array of layered bangs. A small black dot rests below her lower lip, on the left side of her chin. Eyes that distinctively possess a feline resemblance to them not in their shape but color, the indescribable hue between green and gold are her best features in her opinion. Her guild mark would rest on the left side of her neck, silver in color and difficult to discern.

She dresses in darker colors, often charcoal, navy, or deep green and wears no jewelry or accessories that stand out, if any.
Face Claim: Original character which is currently in progress

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Karin usually comes across as cold and rather unapproachable – on a good day. Her predatory eyes are often described as unnerving and though her face is lovely to look upon, it might as well be that of a mannequin’s for all the emotion it gives away. The girl seems always composed and sure of herself, as if nothing ever rattles her. Truth of the matter is that she wears her masks better than most - her remarkable knack for disguising her emotions often leading people to believe that she is incapable of feeling, unsurprisingly. Karin is perfectly capable of experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion, but over the years, she’s learned to hide it well.

Her sense of empathy is extremely selective and the girl doesn’t hold much value for human life. She is incredibly self-serving and will never do something that doesn’t benefit her in some way, no matter how small. As such, she is wary of help and she believes that nothing comes without a price. The concept of human kindness is foreign to her. Karin is a mercenary down to the very core and her only allegiance is to herself alone.

Despite her own appearance giving away little to nothing, Karin is quite good at reading others. She enjoys taking certain actions just to see how people react to it. People watching, as she calls it, is a hobby of hers.

Karin usually tends to address others by their most basic attributes - such as ‘Knight’, ‘Priest’ or ‘Slayer’. She doesn’t believe in respect simply because of a title, though she wouldn’t alienate them right off the bat unless they give her reason to. In her opinion, respect is something to be earned. Even though she isn’t the easiest person to impress, she does acknowledge intelligence and power.

All in all, Miss Amsel isn’t a nice person in the slightest.

Magic Information:
Magic: Kamikaze : Wind magic
Description: This magic allows the user to channel their magical energy and manipulate the air flow and currents, being able to create and shape it as they wish. It is extremely versatile, ranging from localized blasts of air to hurricanes that cover as wide of an area that the caster can manage or even refine the wind to such a fine point that it serves as a sharp blade. With the power of the wind at the caster’s fingertips, they can use utilize its devastating offensive capabilities, create a defensive current around themselves or aid them in other ways such as flight or increasing one’s speed.

Advantages: Wind magic’s greatest strengths lie in its remarkable versatility. It can has a wide range of offensive capabilities such as creating vacuum waves, razor sharp blasts of wind or even tornadoes that cover a wide area. Despite its obvious strengths in causing destruction, it can also serve as a defense if used properly – such as shifting the air flow around the caster’s body to create a shield of sorts. It can also be used in a variety of more practical ways such as increasing one’s speed or even a basic levitation. It has an elemental advantage over Lightning and Water.
Disadvantages: Something as unpredictable as the wind can often be difficult to control, and requires the caster’s complete concentration for it to be used optimally. As for the elemental matchups, Wind magic doesn’t fare too well against Poison or Earth magics.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Guild: Mercenary

Background History: 500w Minimum Karin has no knowledge of who her birth parents are, and she doesn’t particularly care about that little fact either. As far as she knows, she’s an orphan who was taken in by a retired mage who’d spent the better half of his life working as a mercenary.
Lucian Grey took in the little girl and raised her as his own - something that would’ve caused his old acquaintances to be stunned speechless should they ever hear of it. One would wonder what had possessed the man to do such a thing, and it certainly wasn’t a bout of repentance or regret, for he didn’t believe in such things. If it occurred to Kain to voice the question, she never did. For her it was just another pointless question that would change nothing.

Karin wasn’t exactly raised the traditional way, rather it was the furthest thing from it. Most of her childhood was spent on training herself both in body and mind, always pushing herself to the brink of collapse. She was taught to be the perfect mercenary along with the set of skills that went along with it. When her magic manifested when she was thirteen years old, her father was extremely proud of her, as was she. Honing her magic was vastly different from the other teachings and she took to it like a fish to water. Her father made sure to get her up to speed on basic education and though she was by no means a scholar, she was not ignorant either. Children’s games, social activities and other such things were alien to her, things she’d never considered to have missed out on as she happened to enjoy her life, the life that simply didn’t leave room for boredom. As a result of being pushed to grow up too fast, she’d usually feel disconnected from those who were in the same age group as her, finding amusement in studying them and their reactions.

The years blurred together into one long moment, which if she had to pick one word to describe it, it would’ve been ‘constant’. Rain or shine, day or night, father and daughter would continue on, never letting anything disrupt their lives. Time was catching up with the now aged mercenary, hard as he tried not to show it. He could feel himself get weaker as the days passed him by.
Lucian was an extremely careful man and he’d covered up his tracks exceedingly well when he’d left his past life behind. However, there would always be someone equally good, perhaps even better. An old friend caught up with him, sending their daily routines into temporary chaos. After quite the fight, the father daughter duo won and the entire incident put a lot of things into perspective, for Lucian. He’d broken his biggest rule - never form attachments. He saw Karin as his daughter and had risked his life for her during the fight. His biggest concern had been not himself, but the teenage girl he’d raised. This realization shocked him to the very core and for the first time, he found himself confused and unsure what to do. Time passed by as he tried to come up with a solution for it, having it gradually eat away him until finally, he could take no more. By then, Karin was seventeen years old and could fend for herself perfectly fine. Lucian decided it was time for him to leave the world. The decision came easier for him as his health had be rapidly declining and he believed it the worst fate of all to fall to illness.

Karin thought nothing of it when her father asked her to accompany him early one morning. They continued their usual banter until they came to a clearing in the woods - the place where they’d trained together so often. It was there that he finally explained their purpose, to duel to the death. He was old fashioned in his ways and thought it a fitting way to die. A myriad of emotions crossed Karin’s face, the most prominent being shock and sadness but she didn’t question him and for that, he was proud of her. Their fight lasted for the better part of the morning, and finally, when the moment for the killing blow came, Lucian couldn’t make her do it. In his last moments, he would not be cruel enough to ask a daughter to kill her father. He looked on at her with pride and smiled, hoping it would make up for the four words he’d never said, and would not say even in his final moments. They both knew each other well enough to pick up on the things left unsaid.

I love you, Karin.

Lucian took his own life in a swift, clean strike. For the first time, Karin wept. She took her time mourning him and decided to begin her own journey, the best way to honor his memory.


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Re: Karin Amsel

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Great application. Approved!

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