Godly Steel (God Slayer training|Lilthal only)

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Godly Steel (God Slayer training|Lilthal only)

Post by Volund on Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:52 am

Nearly a week and a half had passed since Volund had encountered the young girl Lilthal within the ruined temple. Although he was reluctant to take her own as a pupil due to her insolent nature and the fact that he had little, if any, tolerance for such an attitude, he still offered her the opportunity to train under him. He had always been one to look at the grander scope of things, and the fact that Tellus had convened a meeting amongst them to put forth the idea of apprentices and actually discussed the happenings in the world as of late had appealed to him. Now, standing within an arena or jagged and cold steel of his own creation, he awaited the arrival of his chosen pupil. A part of his consciousness had remained focused ò. The belligerent girl since their meeting, so he was well aware that she had survived and had somewhat harnessed a passable control over the new magic he had gifted her. A faint, metallic chuckle whispered from the depths of the darkened helmet and his perpetually glowing red eyes gave off a quick gleam.

"She will be here soon.....good." He remarked simply as he continued to wait for her arrival.

From now on you will be controlling Volund in your posts. You may keep this thread open for however long you need in order to train spells, but keep in mind that this does occupy one of your RP slots. Congratulations again and enjoy your new magic!

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