Lightning in the Mountains (Demon Slayer Training|Akuma Only)

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Lightning in the Mountains (Demon Slayer Training|Akuma Only)

Post by Tenexahl on Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:52 am

Some weeks had passed since Tenexahl had relented and agreed to take a human pupil for her magic. In all honesty, she had very little concern for the situation she had placed the young boy in prior to her departure from Eaolon's cavern, even still, she had partially kept her omniscient gaze focused on the small space where the boy had writhed in unimaginable agony. It was actually quite amusing for her, she had not expected the boy to survive, so the fact that he actually did was quite interesting to her. In the time between then and now, another meeting had been called among her fellow Demons to discuss the affairs of things of late. Interestingly enough, only Tenexahl had so far been the one to take on a pupil. Even Eaolon, who's idea it had been to take students in the first place, had not yet chosen an apprentice. Currently, Tenexahl sat in wait atop a large boulder within a craggy canyon high in the mountains. Although she was one of the more patient of the Demons, there was still a limit to the amount of waiting she was willing to do. After all, she was doing this boy a favor by teaching him the ways of her own magic. A small frown furrowed the woman's brow, the sky above her darkening with a gathering of storm clouds.

"My patience wears thin....that boy would be wise to make haste, it will prove most fatal for him if my invitation is neglected." She spoke in an annoyed tone. In a small bit of irony, Tenexahl had not actually extended another invitation to the boy after their initial meeting in the mountains. She had stated that she would find him, though in her mind this was her way of inviting him to seek her tutelage. Even still, she continued to wait, the clouds above her growing darker and more tumultuous with each passing moment.

From now on you will be controlling Tenexahl in your training. You may keep this thread open for as long as you need to in order to train your spells, but keep in mind that this thread does occupy one of your RP slots. Congratulations again and enjoy your new magic!

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