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Reading Books

Post by Kazuma Mizushima on Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:05 pm

“How in the hell did I get myself into this shit?” Kazuma said in a mumbled breath as he places two more large books high upon their designated shelf. It was one of what seemed to be an endless and ever-growing mountain of books. It was absolutely frustrating. He thought back to the start of the day where all of this began.

The day started similar to any other day. Kazuma and Charlotte were finishing up the round of quests that Magnolia had to offer while planning out where they would go once they were done here. Upon figuring that out, they bumped into their next job request. A man stormed out of the Library, annoyed with it all and cursing the library and its librarian. They had a big falling out and he was done with it all. Saying that he hoped his surprises would be the downfall of the library, he departs down the street. The Librarian, Andrea, quickly exits the building with an annoyed look on her face. Due to the man’s departure, she was left to fend for the store alone. All of the work would be on her shoulders and coupled with all that she had to do, it simply wasn’t a one person job. Realizing that this could be the perfect way to make a quick buck, Charlotte convinces Kazuma to take on the job. It didn’t take long to convince the woman that he was there to help and she was more than grateful for the extra pair of hands. Within minutes, the deal was struck. The Earth Dragon Slayer would work until from 5am to 8pm. The next day, Kazuma was straight to work, searching the premises for any and all traps that may have been laid out. Up and down each of the aisles, looking high and low. It took him a couple of hours but once he was sure that the building was cleared of any and all potential traps, he got to work. She tended to the desk and did all of what she could with the greatest of ease while Kazuma handled the grunt work part of it. He had to scan in each book in alphabetical order before eventually placing them all on the correct shelves. One by one they were scanned, Kazuma’s patience was growing thin with each book scanned. He repeatedly glanced upward towards the clock, lamenting when he realized that not a significant amount of time had passed. With all the books scanned and stocked appropriately, Kazuma began to relax. There was only 15 minutes left in the shift and things were pretty quiet. Not a soul had come in in the last hour and Andrea was enjoying the successful day. The clock rang eight times, signaling that the job was now completed. He went to find Andrea who sat down at a desk with a warm smile on her face. She was quite pleased with everything that happened and rewarded him handsomely. With jewels in hand, Kazuma decided to meet up with Charlotte and prepare to depart Magnolia Town.

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