Escorting Magnolia

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Escorting Magnolia

Post by Kazuma Mizushima on Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:46 pm

The pair made their way back into the heart of Magnolia Town, eager to get one of the last remaining missions here done with. They had been tasked with a simple escort mission, no fighting and no troubles. A rich heiress needed to go on a shopping trip and the two of them jumped at the opportunity. The chance to shop at lavish places and hang out with those who were almost worthy enough to be in the same area as them. It would absolutely glorious. After a few hours of walking, they found the place they searched. It was a large castle-like home, decked out in nothing but the best and most expensive of decorations. It was such a magnificent view, they couldn’t keep their eyes off it. A shrill voice stirred them from their thoughts.

“Are you two my escorts?”

The two searched for the source of the voice, glancing up at the balcony to see a young woman looking down. She was a young woman, possibly not any other than eighteen or nineteen years old. Her blonde hair rested down to her shoulders, her deep green eyes bore a hole into the two of them.

“We are, are you ready?” Kazuma replied. He figured he would be nice today, he was in a surprisingly generous mood. There wasn’t a need to poke fun or anything today, there was always time for that later. Miss Magnolia strolled down the steps and greeted the two at the front door, smiling warmly as they began to travel into the shopping district. Store after store they went into, each time coming out with more and more items. She carried the lightest of things, Kazuma and Charlotte each taking as much as they could and then some. It was tedious and slightly annoying but worth it. They had even convinced her to get something for them, a little added bonus to the jewels they were going to receive. They quickly began to talk about other things aside from the day’s shopping list and thus figured out the real reason they were hired. There were people out there attempting to rob her of her money, sending threatening letters and the likes all the time. It had essentially made her a recluse, wanting little to nothing to do with the outside. She felt safe and secure in her room, and she didn’t want to chance that. However, the lavish gifts got to her. She wanted to go explore and shop. The things that a normal girl her age would enjoy. Kazuma sympathized with her to some degree, wanting to legitimately give her something good to enjoy. A simple day to where she could relax.

With the sun setting, the trio made their way back to Miss Magnolia’s mansion, placing the bags up in her room. She gracefully made her way throughout her room, putting things up before getting out their reward.

“Thank you both for giving me a wonderful day. I really appreciated it. Next time you guys are in the neighborhood give me a ring. I’d love to hang out with you guys.”

The two departed with their money and gifts in tow, happy about the day’s events.

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Escorting Miss Magnolia Completed
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