Anzo Kirishima [Completed]

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Anzo Kirishima [Completed]

Post by Anzo on Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:12 am

Name: Anzo Kirishima

Biographical Information:
Age: 21
Birth Date: January 1 X870
Birthplace: Lockane
Relatives: Father Odin Kirishima serves as a Lieutenant for the Pergrande Kingdom, whereas Lady Emi Kirishima serves as a Priestess for the same kingdom. These two are Anzo's parents, who have also given birth to Anzo's sister: Sora Kirishima. Sister Emi is the eldest child, who currently lives in her alternate dimension after almost losing her life to a demon. Father Odin and Lady Emi also have a contract signed with a demon to keep away from Anzo, or suffer death.

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 140 lbs
General Description: 150w Minimum Anzo is a lightly skin-toned, well-built human being. His head is oval-shaped and consists of soulless crimson-coloured eyes, a pointy nose, elf-like ears, and shaggy dark-blue hair. His figure is pretty well-formed, seeing as Anzo possesses a beach-boy's body, with a pair of solid eight-pack abs, and well-toned biceps, shoulders and trips. His arms, legs, chest and back are also well-shaped, which primarily indicates that Anzo is fit. Finally, to conclude how he is physically established, Anzo is perfectly proportioned in all areas.

Anzo keeps countless copies of two differentiated sets of attire. The first set is for cooler temperatures, which consists of dark-grey boots that rise to the knees, lighter-shaded grey pants, and a dark jacket overlapping a pitch-black T-shirt. Additionally, a purple scarf can be seen encircling Anzo's neck comfortably. Anzo's second set of attire is much more formal, and is intended for warmer temperatures. This consists of black dress shoes, black dress pants, a formal black vest, and a white collar shirt underneath. A large "X" can be seen on Anzo's back, representing a scar he received from a once-terrifying experiment provided by a heavenly spirit. Anzo requested this scar when he found out about the contracts his parents were forced to agreed to, along with the retreat his sister made to survive a life-threatening encounter. This scar ultimately gave birth to his magic, and opens when activated.
Face Claim: Ayato Kirishima from both the Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga.

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: 250w Minimum Anzo is a lawful, kind-hearted young man when seen and acknowledged publicly, though most often silent as he prefers to be alone. He is a strict pessimist, however, and views what is wrong with the world firsthand versus the benefits of living in a magical environment. Once he confirms his perceptions of life, itself, Anzo strives to change what is wrong with the world in order to make it just. Unfortunately, this is when Anzo's potential dark side kicks in. Anzo is a strong believer of something known as the "greater good"; a concept that requires sacrifice in order to promote peace. This can mean betraying others to promote what Anzo believes to be one step closer to an utopia- anything for it. What motivates Anzo into becoming this sort of person is his parents. Odin and Emi signed restraining orders targeting Anzo to spare his life from an upper-class demon. This made Anzo believe that he could do the same for others. The second motivation in Anzo's life is even more peculiar: loneliness. Anzo does not wish to be associated with others solely for the sake of keeping them safe, and out of harm's way. Demon interaction seemed to be his cause, after all, and the last thing Anzo wants is to see another man or woman suffer to the beings of the underworld. Anzo's final motivation is, of course, justice. Whatever can be seen as good in this world, Anzo will strive for. Paradise is very well possible in Anzo's mind, and he hopes to one day hold it firmly in his grasp, and embrace what it would be like to live in a perfect world. This is also the reason as to why Anzo is lawful and kind-hearted, for emphasizing negative traits would only distance Anzo from his dream.

Magic Information:
Magic: Kagune
Description: Kagune is known as Anzo's predatory organ and functions as his weapon and claws. It is usually as red as blood and flexible like the flow of water, but firm and sturdy. Here is an example as to how they look below:

As you can see, during this time, the predatory organ is unleashed and spreads like wings around the user. How this predatory organ functions is dependent on Anzo's strength.

  • Flexible- These "wings" can extend immeasurably so long as the user has the strength to do so.
  • Versatile- Countless maneuvers can be done with the Kagune so long as the user has the power to do so.
  • Remote- The Kagune has the ability to seek out a target, and continuously chase it with one or two wings under various ranges.


  • Existence- As long as the Kagune is active, per post, a portion of the user's health will be taken away depending on rank (Will be shown in spells)
  • Limits- Though endless actions can be done with the Kagune, maneuvers must be done within reasonable limits. For example, while the user is D-Ranked, he will only be able to use the weakest functions that Kagune has to provide.
  • On/Off- Due to the immeasurable heights these wings can extend to, every other post, they must cool-down, and become idle momentarily.
  • Elemental Affinity- Anzo's Kagune manipulates the predatory organ and reforms it into wings of fire. This means that Water-based magic can nullify the Kagune (Unless the Kagune's spells are two or more ranks higher).

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Guild: Mercenary
Background History: 500w Minimum Anzo was born just outside of the Pergrande Kingdom, in an estate that was paid for by his wealthy Father Odin. This estate was in the great Lockane, of course, and due to living in such a royal place, Anzo was raised in royalty, itself. His birth, alone, made him eligible to be the next Prince of Pergrande. However, because of the lifestyle Anzo had as a child, he discarded the opportunity. Instead, he wished to live the best life he could with his Father Odin, Mother Emi, and Sister Sora. He was the only one in his family to not be born immediately with magic, though he later discovered it in his own hands. You see, while Anzo was a spoiled brat, often given whatever he wanted, he desired the average life. He wished to be treated equally to the average human being, and not be treated as a prince in his own household. He was often seen training by himself instead of receiving tutors from his father, and starting his own education instead of being supported by his mother. He also taught himself how to establish his own room, despite having an older sister to take care of him. This frequently disappointed Anzo's family, though they still loved him, anyway. It was on the seventh night of training that Anzo suddenly felt a huge pain in his back; not the average aching, but rather a feeling as if something was awakening: his Kagune. Anzo reported this to his family, and as a result, became an experiment for magic.

A secret medical team had moved Anzo to an undisclosed establishment far outside the Kingdom, and used painful procedures to awaken the Kagune inside him. They ripped open his back, and saw that a predatory organ had formed itself. In the beginning, this Kagune held Anzo's hatred, and so when it was awakened for the first time, Anzo became unholy, and temporarily became insane. He used his Kagune to kill every member of the secret team who treated him, and escaped the establishment, unnoticed. After escaping the establishment, however, guilt filled Anzo's mind, and so the Kagune became idle once more, leaving Anzo sane again. He ran as fast as he could back to his home in Lockane, only to see that they didn't want him around anymore. The reason could not be identified, nor would it be allowed to be confessed, and so Anzo just had to deal with it, during this time. His parents had abandoned him, and left him only supported by his older sister, Sora. Life became more miserable, and while the two were too young to handle themselves, they had to sell the estate. To play it safely, Anzo had Sora take care of most of the money, while he took only a portion of it to live in a small house. Little did he know, however, that the awakening of his Kagune had caused all of this. Seven days later, a report had come in about Sora, and Lockane seemed convinced that she was dead. Anzo, on the other hand, who knows about Sora, knew that she had used her magic to escape whatever life-threatening ordeal she was involved in, and lived in an alternate dimension, instead. She seemed immune to death, anyway. A series of unfortunate events had eventually hit Anzo, and he was all alone, only able to take care of himself for who knows how many years.

Three years had passed since the series of unfortunate events occurred- two years prior to the present. Anzo had caught his parents walking down an alleyway in the darkness, where he saw something he thought he would never have seen: a demon. This demon possessed a Kagune just like Anzo, though it functioned differently. Anzo eavesdropped on the conversation, and learned that the demon had threatened Odin and Emi of their lives, and was always prepared to kill them at any given moment. However, the three always held a compromise, and that was to keep their Kagune son away from them in exchange for life. He heard his parents agree to this compromise, and quickly escaped the scene before the demon could catch Anzo with its devilish eyes. Sora, sadly, has never been seen even to this day, and only God knows where she is, currently. Anzo had tried his best to gain a better lifestyle by applying for positions in the kingdom, though all applications were denied, immediately. The Pergrande Kingdom seemed to hate Anzo for discarding a great gift they had given him in the past, and so Anzo was left to hopefully confess this sin, one day. As much as he thought he would live a better life with his family, both the eligibility to become Prince and live happily with his family had been discarded.

In the present day, while Anzo lives in a small house in Lockane, he is often seen at night doing unknown tasks. He has become an enigma whom nobody can understand. The news kept informing him of potential guilds to join, though Anzo mentally ignored them all. He could not stand potentially losing another family, and so he has decided to live on his own. The portion of money Sora had given him still exists, anyway, though it is no longer that much. Truthfully, Anzo is an enigma so he can live his life in secrecy, and do tasks that no-one should learn about to change his luck; misfortune to fortune. His loneliness actually strengthens his Kagune as his misery co-exists with his hatred. One day, however, Anzo hopes to live the life he had always dreamt of; the life he could have had with Father Odin, Emi and Sora.

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Re: Anzo Kirishima [Completed]

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:28 pm

Impressive app, very well done. Approved.
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