The Naive Boy

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The Naive Boy

Post by Lilthal on Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:01 am

Lilthal had been staring at the job board, nothing had popping out at her at all, she wanted to do a job but it seemed useless to just stand there for hours and so she decided to take a break and travel back to oak town, figuring that maybe once she was there that something would find her instead.

Lilthal was thankful to be right of course, as she walked into town she came across an angry looking mob that was outside the mayor’s office.  Lilthal didn’t stay too close to it but close enough to hear what was going on, from what she could understand there had been attacks on convoys that deliver supplies and such. 

Lilthal carried on listen and raised an eyebrow in confusion, on her way here she had run into people who lived in the other village and they had been saying the same thing.  Lilthal was curious and decided to wait till the crowd had dispersed before she went in and asked the Mayor what exactly was going on.

After meeting with the Mayor Lilthal was told what he thought was going on and how the other towns Mayor kept saying he was innocent and wasn’t doing anything and of course blamed him for doing something.  Lilthal nodded and was about to head out of his office till he had said that there was a reward attached; anyone who could solve this problem and fix the rising tension would be awarded handsomely.  

Lilthal instantly took the job and headed out to the route the convoys usually take, figuring she would get some clues there and have a decent place to start at.  It hadn’t taken Lilthal long to get there, using Silver Lion to speed up the traveling process and just in case she needed a backup.   
Lilthal looked around the area and was surprised at what she felt, remnants of magic.  She was surprised to say the least that she felt a mages power, from what she could make of things it was some type of earth magic.  “Silver Lion, can you smell anything?” Lilthal asked and of course he had been far ahead of the game, he was already sniffing around.  “This way my Lady” he spoke clearly and began to lead her into the forest. 

It had taken awhile but they finally found what they had been tracking, there in a clearing was all of the convoys and sitting on top of one was a kid.  Lilthal raised her eyebrow at him and shook her head, pushing logic to the side, she walked into the clearly, stopped shortly behind the kid and put her hands on her waist “HEY” Lilthal yelled at the boy, startling him.

He must have jumped six feet in the air before spinning around with wide eyes and stared at Lilthal “What?! How did you find me?” the boy asked in what sounded like a fear dipped voice.  Lilthal shook her head “I tracked you, what do you think your doing taking all these convoys? You’ve been causing people a lot of trouble!” Lilthal kept scolding and the boy narrowed his eyes 
“So what, it’s not like they need it!” he yelled back.  Lilthal shook her head at him “And how would you know that?” She responded and the boy stuttered but narrowed his eyes at Lilthal a moment later.

“Because all those people are living it up, rich folk and stuff. They don’t deserve any of these things.”  Lilthal shook her head “Silver, use extreme speed” Lilthal ordered and in an instant the Lion took off in fast haste, aiming for the boy. However as soon as Lilthal gave her command the boy threw seeds onto the ground and they grabbed onto her Lion. 

“So you use Plant magic” Lilthal commented to herself, she was thankful to have the Mirror Lion out when the boy threw down the next batch of seeds that sent a hit towards the Silver Lion, 
“Silver use Deflection” and she was thankful he used it at the right moment.  It deflected the attack away from them.  Lilthal took out her second key, “This is going to drain me to hell and back but I have no choice.  Open the gate of the golden bull” Lilthal yelled and a few feet away from her Taurus appeared and ready for battle. 

“Break Silver out of those vines and kick this kid’s ass” Lilthal ordered and the Taurus nodded her head “Yes Pretty Lady”.  After that, it was a rather simple fight and thankfully it was over soon and both of Lilthal’s spirits had returned. 

Lilthal had contemplated what to do with the kid but decided to show him what he had down to the villagers; Lilthal was surprised to see how upset he was at himself for believing in those rumors and how he couldn’t begin to understand how to pay them back.  Lilthal also surprised that the Mayor had asked her for her opinion in what to do with him.

“Let him work it off, be a guard for the convoys. He’s pretty talented wizard” Lilthal said and the held out her hand “The reward sir” she reminded the mayor and with her pay, she was off.

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