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Dederik Von Kaiserblitz

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Name: Dederik Von Kaiserblitz

Biographical Information:
Age: 27
Birth Date: January  18th  X863
Birthplace: Joya
Relatives: Dederik has a younger brother, a twin sister and several cousins back home.

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: Five foot, ten inches.
Weight: 127lbs
General Description: Derek is in peak physical condition, having lived and active and healthy lifestyle. He has a lean build and appears to constantly have a self-satisfied expression on his face and is most often garbed in uniforms of one kind or another. Be it the rune council’s, a militaristic one, suits, or even religious ones. Due to his personality it is almost abnormal for him to have a serious expression while his light, red eyes have been known to almost twinkle with mischief. He has short, platinum blond hair and is often seen with a variety of decorations on various uniforms.  His color scheme however is as varied as his uniform collection since while he seemingly shows a preference for darker color schemes he often wears lighter ones and pure white outfits as well. One constant thing between all of them however, is that each contains some variation of the iron cross.

Face Claim: Prussia – Hetalia Axis Powers

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality:  For someone constantly clad in a uniform of some kind and being a part of an organization that keeps order, Derek is a free spirited person and is also very expressive. It is best to describe him as a hedonist, someone whom loves pursuing happiness and pleasure in life and values it highly. In his mind you are only truly living, if you have experienced all that the world has to offer. Drugs, fighting, alchohol, smoking, theatre, acting, classical, techno, and so much more are all things that he has dabbled in and plans to dabble in to truly find out who he is. One thing that he has learned however is that he adores fighting and picking on people. Teasing those whom he is able to get away with it is something that he has enjoyed since a young child along with the act of brawling. As such he has developed an arrogant attitude with an ego suitable for an emperor.

As such he often seems to be lazy in the eyes of others, however the truth is that he is a deceptively an incredibly organized and responsible person. For years he has kept a journal, a detailed diary, and over time has managed to write enough to form a small, private library of his past. Along with his impeccable record keeping he enjoys the acts of cleaning and gardening, keeping a neat household and garden to dwell in. But it is a sight that few see, in large part due to his claims of being happy alone and new arrival to the country.

Magic Information:
Magic: Celestial Magic
Description: Celestial Magic is a special summoning magic revolving around the usage of keys to bring forth spirits to fight on a mage’s behalf. Each spirit is its own unique person and forms a contract with the mage that holds their keys, although there have been cases where the spirits aren’t allowed contracts. The spirits are varied as much in their powers as in their personalities, often having the best team work come as a result of the spirit and mage growing to know one another.
Advantages: Celestial mages are more intune with their spirits than normal summoners are with their creations, allowing the mage to have up to three spirits fighting alongside them at a time. This allows a celestial mage to overwhelm an enemy by creating multiple threats for the person to focus, forcing them to make split second decisions as they face off against the onslaught.
Disadvantages: Celestial mages are incapable of summoning infinite summons and if they lose their key they lose the ability to summon a spirit. In addition there is a limit to how many keys a single mage may have, forcing them to have to think carefully about their reserves of spirits in long fights whereas normal summons need not concern themselves with such things.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Claims Neutrality.  
Guild: Magic Council
Background History: Prelude Entry, The start of a new era. The rise of Dederik Von Kaiserblitz begins his march towards the top!

11/11/891: As awesome as I may be, I have to come to terms with the fact that others are not as naturally blessed as myself and that they might be far too incompetent to read my glorious history. It is for you that I have written this, as much as it pains me, a compressed version of where I came from. I was born in a wonderfully cold nation to a prosperous family and variety of interesting neighbors. Growing up, while I was born amazing credit goes towards how I was raised for how awesome I have become. Receiving the best education my family could afford I was taught how to manage estates, politics, self-defense, and combat. The latter of which me and my neighbors would often use when we would fight with one another in our various wars, something that is detailed more in various volumes of my journals.  

Aside from my academic accomplishments and skills the wars were one of the most influential things in my life. It was when I was able to find out more of who I was, my love of fighting and taunting. As one of the eldest I was one of the apex children that was able to enjoy fighting and training my younger brother to mold him into the man he is today. But most of all it taught me a valuable lesson, it’s that even if you get into a fight with someone, even if things have been said that does not mean that things cannot be forgiven or relationships brought close again. During one war we could be at each other’s throats, but after it has ended and some time has passed we would settle back and continue on.

While I was perfectly happy being alone, even I had some people that I enjoyed spending time with and rivaling. One of the most memorable was at one time when I was wrestling with one of them, I went in to strike for his weak spot but discovered something I never expected. He was really a girl, and always thought that his penis would grow in sooner or later! After that, I had learned an important lesson about people and gender identity, although at the time I found myself struggling to come to terms with it when she wouldn’t accept it herself. Going into more detail of it now or how I feel about what I did, refer to the index provided prior to this page for the volume it was in, is not what this recounting is for.

Even after growing up we had several wars with each other, some even involving the entirety of our generation in the neighborhood. But life intervened, and I had to leave the country for this new land. I learned the language well enough and sought to make a name for myself. It has only been a few months here but now that I have joined the magic council I expect these next series of volumes to grow in excitement.

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Re: Dederik Von Kaiserblitz

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Nicely done, approved.
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