Dirty Street... Spiders [D-rank/Solo]

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Dirty Street... Spiders [D-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:22 pm

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The woman rose an eyebrow as she saw a rather large spider crawl past them on the streets, seemingly searching for something and definitely not for her. She sighed, ”What in the world has this town gotten itself into this time.” It seemed that for some reason, Clover was always the town of trouble. It seemed a bystander heard her, and told her how they heard something of it, and that a guy named Tiny Tom should know more about them. Or rather, that he knew everything about every creature, and how this shouldn’t be an exception. Jaze just shrugged and made her way to the outskirts of town, finding several farms, until she found the one the woman had described. She knocked on the door, and a tiny old man with a cane opened it. ”Tiny Tom? I’m here for information about.. Well, rather large spiders.” He nodded in understanding and gestured for her to come inside.

Inside the man had informed her about the creatures, how they had been infected with a certain substance once and lived in the sewers after that, and had been able to live there in peace. Something probably drew them out now that they are crawling through the city, and he’d told her a few spots that she could look for spiders. Sure enough, at the first location there were three of them, clawing at a wall. Jaze casted her Katana and rushed at the three, slicing off their claws at first, leg for leg after that, until there was nothing left but a legless body and twitching legs that were detached from the source of life. She looked at her weapon in wonder, blood splatters covering the transparent purple blade. This thing could actually come in handy.

Her Katana took a while to get destroyed, and it was impressive by how it just didn’t get destroyed. Jaze was simply too agile for the spiders to hit her, and too good with the blade to let them damage it. She was certain a mere two swiped from those major claws would destroy it, but she cut off the claws before they could cause her or her magical weapon any harm at all. She kept on moving from spot to spot, and she kept finding more spiders. Another batch of two spiders at the first spot, which she took out with minor effort. A lonesome spider at the fourth spot, that had actually fought back decently. Another pair at the seventh spot she checked that didn’t put up a fight at all, as if they were exhausted. If they had been praying for mercy, they had made the wrong call.

And finally, in about the tenth spot she looked, were the last of the spiders. A few swipes of her Katana took them out, and she sighed. They hadn’t been a bother at all and now she could safely go back to Tiny Tom to get her reward. The trouble had well been worth the jewels.



Name: Slicing Katana
Rank: C
Cost: 20
Requirements: Aura Extend | N/A
Class: Offensive
Effect: Jaze creates a 1 meter long Katana in hand that is destroyed by 1C or 2D ranked damage. The Katana is capable of leaving C-ranked damage and thus cut to the muscle.
Duration: Until destroyed
Cooldown: 3

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