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Fancy Footwear

Post by Anson Kazane on Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:10 pm

Looking at the request board in the hall once more, Anson was left with the only remaining quest available in the afternoon that seemed somewhat better than the rest. At least of the ones within Clover, that is. Sighing as he pulled the request off the board and exited the guild hall, he made his way towards the large castle of the local spoiled rich kid. He had heard stories of her and he was already annoyed with her, but money was money and this seemed like a relatively simple task. Clean a bit and help her find her shoes. An easy task by anyone standards. Knocking on the door as he reached the castle, he awaited an answer as he held his hands behind his back. Although he accepted the quest, he would have rather avoided interacting with Katherine, but it was too late now. Moments later he could hear footsteps rushing towards the door before the large wooden form slammed open and a young girl grabbed him before pulling him inside and slamming the door shut behind him. Finding himself being dragged towards the thought to be location of the shoes, he thought about stating his business, but it seemed that was already known.

Dragging him to her room before releasing him from her grip, Katherine opened her closet door and left Anson surprised. He had expected a small generic closet for some reason, but instead this was a rather large walk-in closet instead. He thought to himself that this could take longer than he originally thought. Taking a deep breath before walking inside the closet, he knew it was time to get to work. With Katherine following in behind him to do her share of cleaning, although her methods were more of just pick up and toss to the floor in a different area. As he gently picked up the discarded clothing and placed them to the side in a neat pile, occasionally hanging up the jackets that he came across, he shortly found one of the shoes that Katherine was so desperate for. He himself was never much for conversation in times like this, at from the looks of Katherine and what was needing to be done, it seemed better to just keep quite. He would rather not have to deal with a potential angry teenager freaking out over a pair of shoes that did not really mean anything in the end. Keeping his thoughts to himself as he carried on cleaning up her mess, both the original mess of the closet and the new mess she was making by just randomly tossing things around.. Soon after they finished cleaning the closet, Anson noticed the other shoe crammed in the corner of a dresser. While reaching for it, he squeezed by Katherine who appeared taken back by his actions and slightly backed away from him as she looked away. Confused by what she did, Anson instead grabbed her shoe from the corner and dropped the pair by her knees as she sat. Giving a smile as she looked at him thankfully, he made his way to the exit and took his payment from the girls father as he left. Not really an eventful day but it did get him money that one could never have enough of.

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