Sushi! (mission, solo)

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Sushi! (mission, solo)

Post by Christian Zane on Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:50 pm

Zane took the request off the board, as he wiped a bit of rain off of his shoulder. It was only lightly raining at the moment, but later, it would most likely rain fully. It was good that this missions was indoors, then. He simple just had to be a waiter at a restaurant, which wasn't too hard. He had heard of this restaurant, and had visited it many times before. He didn't go so much that the employees would recognize him, however. He decided to head on over, after taking a shower at hoe of course.

He walked into the restaurant, as he looked around at the place. Right now it was only about 4:30 PM, so right before the restaurant opened. He was greeted by the many employees in the room, as he looked around at the people. There were about 3 cooks, 1 janitor, and 2 waiters. There was also the manager.

"Hey, you here for the request?" He manager asked, turning around to look at Zane. Zane nodded. 'Yeah, it's what I came here for. I'm ready to do some work!" He said, as the manager came up to him, handing him a headband. "You're going to be a waiter for tonight; but first, I'd like you to wipe the tables. " Was what he told Zane. He nodded, as he wiped down the tables, doing them one by one. This was a huge restaurant, it would certainly be a bit of a challenge to mantain everything that was going on. It was even harder for a waiter, as they had to memorize each and every costumer, and where they were sitting. This may end up being harder than he had thought when he took the request.

Eventually, it was time to open up, and Zane took the orders of the many people. He greeted 1 woman and her two children. "Hi there, my name is Zane, and I'll be your waiter for tonight. So, what would you like?" He asked, as the woman smiled. She seemed sweet. "Hello there, Zane. Anyways, I'll be having two dynamite rollls, and my children will be sharing some green dragon rolls." She said, as Zane nodded. "Alright, thank you! Your order will be here switftly!" He said, as he then continued onto the next table, writing down the table number and what the people ordered on his notepad. He followed this for quite a while, and while it was a challege trying to keep up with the many people in the restaurant, he was able to do it in the end. He sighed in relief.

He walked off with his payment at the end of the day, when he was greeted by the manager. "Hey, you did an amazing job today, better than most of our normal employees. So, I'd just like to say, I'm proud of you, Zane." He said, as Zane smiled. The man remembered his name...

"Thank you, and I'll make sure if I need anymore work, or I'm just looking for sushi, I'll come around."


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