Ice Cold Killer (BlMC)

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Ice Cold Killer (BlMC)

Post by Linedwell Rainrex on Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:02 pm

Name: Wanted: Ice Cold Killer
Request Type: Magic Council
Rank: B
Word Count: 1,000
Location: Balsam Village
Reward: 8,000 J | 2,000 XP
Description: One of our prisoners escaped, retrieve him alive.
Request Details: Ralph tells you about a killer that is on the loose, known for targeting people who work with heat. He was captured before, but has escaped and fled to Balsam Village. Find him and bring him back alive, he should be hiding in one of the houses. He’ll put up a fight, knocking out is allowed, killing isn’t. Bring him back to Ralph, who will bring him to the HQ.

NPC Name: Ralph
Description: A low messenger of the Council who mostly just passes on unimportant things as he is magicless. Friendly, but fairly impatient.

Enemy Name: Shisui
Enemy Rank: A
Enemy Magic: Snow Magic

(A) Snow Slicer – Instant cutting attack
(B) Snow Barrier – A shield
(B) Snow Storm – Obstructs vision by 40%
(B) Snow Hammer – Hammer with B-rank damage

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