Wanted: Gambling George (DlMC)

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Wanted: Gambling George (DlMC)

Post by Linedwell Rainrex on Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:00 pm

Name: Wanted: Gambling George
Request Type: Magic Council
Rank: D
Word Count: 500
Location: Crocus
Reward: 3,000 J | 1,000 XP
Description: We’ve found a fraud in one of the casinos of Crocus, and you’ll have to catch him for us. He shouldn’t be too much of a bother.
Request Details: You will run into Ralph near the request board, and he’ll request you for assist on catching ‘Gambling George’. He will bring you to the casino, and shows you a picture of him. Go in there and get him, keep him alive. He’ll try to escape of course, so make sure he can’t, not even when Ralph is going to deliver him to Era.

NPC Name: Ralph
Description: A low messenger of the Council who mostly just passes on unimportant things as he is magicless. This is about the most exciting job he’s had, and it’s noticeable. Impatient.

Enemy Name: George
Enemy Rank: D
Enemy Magic: He doesn’t have magic, however he has some dirty tricks on his sleeve.

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