Gold Digging (DlGEN)

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Gold Digging (DlGEN)

Post by Linedwell Rainrex on Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:57 pm

Name: Gold Digging
Request Type: General
Rank: D
Word Count: 500
Location: Mount Hakobe
Reward: 3,000 J | 1,000 XP
Description: I’ve ran out of copper ore, please retrieve some from the mountains.
Request Details: Meet up with Frank, a blacksmith. He’ll give you all the tools you’ll need in the mountains, and will tell you what to look for. Then get into the mountains and start mining, bring him as much copper ore as you can find. You’ll need 5 kilograms at least.

NPC Name: Frank
Description: A blacksmith, so is pretty buff. Surprisingly he doesn’t reach much further than 5’5”, and tends to be a bit cranky.

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