doth thou act [D-Rank Quest]

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doth thou act [D-Rank Quest]

Post by Anson Kazane on Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:10 pm

Heading towards the local theater to inquire about a recent request that he had accepted earlier that day. Although the specific play that was being performed was not explained, it could prove to be an eventful and interesting day at least. Anson tried to relax himself as he knew that there would be an audition for the ob, something that he had always hated, he was never very good in front of large crowds. Though that was something he was working on, and what better way than to be in a play, or at least try out for one.

Upon reaching the main entrance of the theater, Anson entered the doors and made his way to the main hall, seeking out the client. It wasn't until he was about to open the hall doors that he felt two small hands shove him from behind and force him into the main hall. Being forced to the stage before the hands removed themselves, he quickly turned around to a small man staring up at him with an inquisitive look.

“Not exactly what I had in mind but I suppose you will have to do, get up on that stage and read these lines.”

The small man shoved a page of lines from his play into Ansons hands before leaving to sit in a chair and stare at the stage. Not sure what to do with what was happening, Anson went along with the mans demands and climbed onto the stage and stepped to the center as he read the lines. Feeling like a fool as he looked over the paper, knowing he would need to say these old fashioned words out-loud. Taking a deep breath, he hesitantly let go and began to speak the lines.

“hath mine life been a waste since the day i look'd upon thy face. thou li'd thy way in life, nev'r knowing the sooth of the ordinary. if thou wish to hie home, thou wilt seek forgiveness.”

Once finished, he felt his face burn from the embarrassment, although he enjoyed the old plays, he never had the privilege of having to read such things out-loud. And although it was only a handful of actors watching and the client himself, it was enough to make it an ordeal.

“Your phrasing could have been better and with more emotion behind your words. But there is enough feeling to work with, you have the part for now. Now go get into costume and prepare, for we open in 2 hours!"

Grabbed by the arm and dragged backstage, Anson was forced into a brightly lit room as his cape was undone, the armor plating on his chest removed shortly afterward. His outfit quickly replaced by an old fashioned dark blue outfit with a dark cape aroundhis shoulders. A fake sword on his wasit and a goofy hat with a feather, his hair being stuck behind his ears. He accepted the appearance but refused when the others attempted to put make-up on him, he was quick to jump out of the chair and vehemently refuse. Then as the others were about to argue teir case, they all heard the manager announcing the beginning of the play. They all immediately rushed to the stage to prepare for their parts.

Two hours later when the play was beginning to its approach to the finale, Ansons part was up, thankfully his role was a minor part, taking a deep breath as he stepped out onto the stage towards the lead character. Both of them drawing their swords as they clashed, the hall filling with the sounds of metal against metal as they went through the generic movements. Swinging at vital spots only to be blocked at the last second, the fight itself was rather dull as even Anson knew. Until finally it was his characters moment as he plunged his sword through the lead roles arm and chest to give the impression that he had impaled him on the blade. With the lead now dead, Ansons character had seized the play, walking up to the front of the stage as he spoke the final words of the night.

“Art thou not entertained!”

The moment the words were spoken, the curtains dropped over the scene to signify the ending. Even in a minor role, he was nervous, if he screwed up or if the critics were not pleased by the show, then it would end horribly. But thankfully as he was changing back into his normal clothes and beginning to feel more like himself, the manager calmly walked in and although he did not speak, the way his body moved and the grin on his face showed that he at least found it acceptable, and that was all that mattered as Anson picked up his payment and headed for the back exit.

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