Every Party Needs A Pooper (C|DG)

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Every Party Needs A Pooper (C|DG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:45 am

Name: Every Party needs a pooper
Request Type: Dark Guild
Rank: C-Rank
Word Count: 700
Location: Clover Town
Reward: 5,000J/1,500XP

Description: Local Heiress Katherine is pissed and needs our help. The hottest party of the year is on the way and she finds herself not on the guest list. How can there be a party without her? She is angry and is willing to provide the cash to make sure this party is a bust. That’s where you come in, do whatever it takes.
Request Details:
Talk to Katherine and see about her plans for crashing the party.
Crash the party, defeating the bodyguards posted in the area.
Report back to Katherine and receive your reward.

NPC Name: Katherine
Description: Katherine is of average height with waist long, burnt orange hair. She wears her in bangs and tucked behind her ears. Her clothes are the standard for your typical, rich teenager.

Enemy Name: 5 Generic Bodyguards (using knives)
Enemy Rank: 4 are at D rank while 1 is a mage at C
Enemy Magic: Hair Magic

  • Spells.

Hair Whip, Hair Shield, Crimson Hair
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