The Curious Case of Tiny Tom (B|DG)

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The Curious Case of Tiny Tom (B|DG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:27 pm

Name: The Curious Case of Tiny Tom
Request Type: Dark Guild
Rank: B-Rank
Word Count: 1000 (1200 if evading)
Location: Clover Town
Reward: 8,000J/2,000XP

Description: There always was something odd about Tiny Tom. Monsters of all sizes seem to flock to him and now we know why. Dark Guilds have been supplying him bait to summon these monsters for his own deeds, of which we still don't know. It’s probably best to not ask questions. Deliver the current batch to Tiny Tom. Watch out however, some of the light guilds are starting to catch on!
Request Details:
Either evade or defeat various officials who are on the look-out for any suspicious activity in the area.
Deliver the current batch of bait to Tiny Tom in one piece.

NPC Name: Tiny Tom
Description: A short old man, who walks around hunched over his walking stick. He has a disgruntled appearance but is rather nice. Upon meeting Dark Guild members, he wears long robes with runes on them, his head always covered.

Enemy Name: 5 normal guards(Who uses swords and daggers) with their leader being a Requip mage, named Alistair.
Enemy Rank: D-ranked for the normal Guards. Alistair is at B
Enemy Magic: Requip

  • Spells.

The Templar (Summons various swords and shields to do battle with)
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