A Criminal In Need (C|DG)

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A Criminal In Need (C|DG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:12 pm

Name: A criminal In Need
Request Type: Dark Guild
Rank: C-rank
Word Count: 700
Location: Hosenka Town
Reward: 5,000J/1,000XP

Description: A small time thief named Takai needs your help. She’s planning a heist and will require some back-up in case things get sketchy. The place is heavily guarded but the risk is worth the reward!

Request Details:
Meet with Takai and discuss the plans to infiltrate the castle and retrieve the heirloom.
Protect Takai as she escapes the area while fending off the owner of the Heirloom, Wendy Sokolov.

NPC Name: Takai
Description: A red haired beauty and the closest thing to a Ninja you’ll see nowadays. She is dressed in all black and always ready for combat. She is new to the world of crime and as such, is a bit oblivious to things.

Enemy Name: Wendy Sokolov
Enemy Rank: C-rank
Enemy Magic: Take Over.

  • Spells.

Wind Soul (Queen), Wind Blade, Storm Shred
Appearance of Take Over Soul:
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