What's Up with Tiny Tom? (B|LG)

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What's Up with Tiny Tom? (B|LG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:02 pm

Name: What’s up with Tiny Tom?
Request Type: Light Guild
Rank: B-Ranked
Word Count: 1,000
Location: Clover Town
Reward: 8,000J/2,000XP

Description: We've gotten some mysterious reports about Tiny Tome that are a bit unsettling. He seems to be involved in some way with all the monsters that keep appearing. Meet with one of the guards assigned to keep an eye on him, Alistair, and see what is going on!
Request Details:
Meet with Alistair and discuss what’s been happening with Tiny Tom.
Defeat a few members of the Dark Guild that have come to give Tiny Tom a package and find out what that something is!

NPC Name: Alistair
Description: The son of a king, though he isn't fully aware of this fact. He is a strongly built man who has trained all his life at his craft. He’s quick to make light of a situation and joke around even in the face of death.

Enemy Name: 5 Normal bandits(uses swords and daggers), Vengeance
Enemy Rank: Bandits are D ranked. Vengeance is B ranked
Enemy Magic:Fire-Make Magic

  • Spells.

Fire-Make: Sword, Fire-Make: Shield, Fire-Make: Volcano
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