Those Damned Bandits 2/2 (C|LG)

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Those Damned Bandits 2/2 (C|LG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:57 pm

Name: Those Damned Bandits 2
Request Type: Light Guild
Rank: C-Rank
Word Count: 750
Location: Balsam Village
Reward: 5,000J/1,500XP

Description: The defeated Bandits have escaped and want revenge. They've gotten their master, the villainous Frost, involved. Frost is out for blood, stop him at all costs.

Request Details:
Get information about the Bandit’s hideout from the locals.
Find and infiltrate the Bandits hideout, defeat their leader.

NPC Name: Rika
Description: A short brunette haired female with a jovial appearance. She wears a pink dress and has a fox backback.

Enemy Name: Generic Bandits(10), Frost
Enemy Rank: D ranked Bandits, Frost is C ranked
Enemy Magic: Ice-make magic, Generic bandits have daggers.

  • Spells.

Ice-make Lance, Ice-make Sword, Ice-make Shield.
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