Stop That Thief! (D|LG)

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Stop That Thief! (D|LG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:50 pm

Name: Stop that Thief!
Request Type: Light Guild
Rank: D-Rank
Word Count: 500
Location: Hosenka Town
Reward: 3,000J/1,000XP

Description: A thief has made off with a precious heirloom. The family is torn up by the crime and requested their belongings returned immediately. Find this criminal and put an end to this.

Request Details: Talk to the matriarch of the family, Wendy Sokolov and receive any information you can about the missing item as well as a description of the criminal.
Find and defeat the criminal at any cost.

NPC Name: Wendy Sokolov
Description: A tall yet frail woman with raven colored hair. She wears a long, flowing pink dress and always seems to be in a pleasant mood yet there seems to be something else to her. She has a faint smell of lilac flowers.

Enemy Name: Takai
Enemy Rank: D-ranked
Enemy Magic: Attacks with an ornate knife and multiple shuriken.

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