Those Damned Bandits 1/2 (D|LG)

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Those Damned Bandits 1/2 (D|LG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:48 pm

Name: Those Damned Bandits
Request Type: Light Guild
Rank: D-Rank
Word Count: 500
Location: Oshibana
Reward: 3,000J/1,000XP

Description:Bandits have been sneaking on board trains carrying trade goods. Highjackings have become a problem and someone is needed to apprehend the criminals responsible! Head to the Town of Oshibana and board the train carrying trade goods. Protect the supplies until the train reaches its destination. Apprehend the bandits but do not kill.

Request Details:
Talk to the Town Official and gain the necessary information.
Jump on the train and subdue the criminals

NPC Name: Town Official Bubba
Description: A short stocky man that fits his namesake. He wears nothing but the fanciest of clothing.

Enemy Name: Generic bandits (10 total)
Enemy Rank: D-ranked
Enemy Magic: All Bandits have Daggers.

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