Some old creepy man

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Some old creepy man

Post by Lilthal on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:31 pm

Lilthal crumbled as she placed the poster on the wall and stapled it there, “This is the dullest mission but I guess it’s easy enough” Lilthal mumbled to herself but then looked down at the little creature following her, she smiled a little and once done making sure the poster was in place and wouldn’t move she bent and began to pet her new pet. “Sorry this is really boring Koko” Lilthal apologized and the bear just stood on its two back legs and tilted its head to one side, Lilthal shook her head at her and pulled out one of her treats from the inside of her jacket.  “You really are too cute” Lilthal commented handing Koko the treat and watched her munch down for a moment. 

Sighing Lilthal began her mission again, putting poster after poster up.  Lilthal thought about the old man who had asked her to put these up, she felt kind of bad and that’s partially why she took it.  He was a good artist who wasn’t getting recognized for his amazing work but Lilthal felt the need to just get him to shut up with his story so she could get to work, honestly she was rarely around the old for good reason but when she was, she never remembered them talking that damn much.

However Lilthal sat cringing through the whole process and was relieved when he had his maid hand her the posters and staple gun.  She had rushed out of there in a blink of the eye but not before she picked up her bear and then ran like the wind.

She had caught that old man eyeing Koko a couple of times and after the fourth she moved Koko so sit behind her legs and out of view.  Lilthal kept walking around, putting posters up and then saw some of his competitions posters and had an idea.  She walked up to them and checked around to make sure no one was watching, reached out and pulled them down.  Throwing them in the nearby garbage bin and put up two of Little Brittle’s posters. 

She looked down to Koko who had cocked their head to one side; Lilthal raised her index finger to her lips and make a shushing sound.  “No one needs to know about that.” Lilthal said and then went on her way. 

It had taken about half the day but Lilthal was finally out of posters to put up and so she made her way back to Little Brittles house and knocked twice and waited for the maid to answer the door, she then lead Lilthal back to Brittles room.

“Thank you so much for taking care of that, if you don’t mind waiting till all my money comes in, I can pay you then” Brittle spoke and Lilthals hands crunched into fists as her eyebrow twitched. 

“Look here old man, you are going to pay me today for all the work I did or so help me” Lilthal threatened and instantly Brittle backed down, calling his maid to get the reward money.  Lilthal smiled smugly.

“Thank you Brittle, have a nice day” Lilthal spoke as soon as the money was counted and handed to her, Lilthal picked up Koko again and walked right out the front door and was happy to never have to deal with that man again. 

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