New traveling companions

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New traveling companions

Post by Lilthal on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:27 pm

Lilthal looked around her and sighed, she was heading to another job, and she had received a message at the lodge from her Guild master giving her another job to do in oak town.  She was a little happy her Guild Master was considering her and how far out she was. 
Lilthal had decided to head out once the storm was done, to her dismay it had taken a day to pass. 

On the road however Lilthal passed by a shop, the only thing that made her stop was the caged bear that laid there sadly looking out at the world.  Lilthal walked up to the shop’s clerk and glared down at him “Excuse me but why is that bear caged?” Lilthal asked in a voice laced with venom.  The clerked backed away from her ever so slowly.  “Well it’s mother died and she would have died without him, I thought I could sell her to someone “The clerk blurted out in a hurry” Lilthal looked back at the bear and sighed.  “How much?” She asked.

Lilthal was now back on the road with a little bear walking behind her.  After buying the bear, she had tried to find another polar family but could seem to locate any, even with her silver lion. So with some advice from her Lion, she had decided to talk to the bear in question and ask for its opinion, the only thing she had gotten was an attempt to cuddle and Lilthal supposed that was good enough.  So for a while she carried her bear but after a bit she began to struggle so Lilthal put him down and now found herself laughing as the bear would circle around her and run around but always come back. 

“Don’t tire yourself out, we have a long way to go to get to Oak Town."

Leaving to Oak Town.
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