Poor Times [Clover -> Magnolia/Solo]

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Poor Times [Clover -> Magnolia/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:06 pm

She sighed as she looked at the request board; it was emptied out. There wasn’t a single request she could do here in Clover Town, so it was time for her to move on. ’Or you can see if you can snatch a request from someone else? Or what about this, just steal what you need and forget about work.’ Jaze shook her head, ’You just don’t feel like helping people, I dare to bet you’d jump on the first fight you could get.’ She could essentially hear the Animi grin inside her head, ’You bet.’

Shaking her head, she packed her bag and left town, cloak wrapped around her. It used to be her dad’s, it was the only thing she had left of him. Now, she was going to Magnolia Town, a place she had never been as of yet. She’d pass by Hargeon Town, which was her hometown, perhaps she’d see her mother there, but she wouldn’t pay her a visit purposely.

She reached the first town rather quickly, but found that there weren’t any suitable requests here either. Oshibana Town, she’d honestly never heard of it, but she could see why. It wasn’t exactly a place to write home about, it was rather small and.. oriental. She didn’t doubt it would be a nice town to be in, something her style actually, but it would have to wait until later.
Next she passed Hargeon Town, and the familiar air of the docks hit her with a wave of nostalgia. It was certainly nice to pass through here, it didn’t happen often she could relax in here after all. And even now she couldn’t, not really, because she was just passing through. Again, the request board was empty for someone like her, for a fairly low ranked Mage, so she had to continue.

And finally, she reached Magnolia Town.

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