The Evil Queen's Treasures [D-rank/Solo]

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The Evil Queen's Treasures [D-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:18 am

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Jaze lazily picked one of the requests of the board that had the lowest rank mentioned on it, simply not interested in doing anything that required her to do any fighting, and continued her nap once she got back in her room. She hadn’t even looked at the mission yet, but she was tired as hell and just wanted to make sure other mercenaries weren’t taking every last one of the requests. She’d have something to do, and with that in mind she drifted off to a great nap.

She didn’t wake up until past noon, around 3 pm. The woman yawned and decided to finally take a look at the request she’d picked out. Her eyes widened in shock as she read about the deadline, and realized how much that nap could cost her. ”Damnit!” The purple haired yelled out in frustration, grabbing her cloak and rushing towards the farm.

”I’m sorry, I wasted so much time!” Jaze groaned as she barged into the farm, running straight into the farmer, John. ”It’s quite alright, I didn’t expect any help to begin with, I’m just glad you’re here to help. Here’s a map of the orchard, please make haste, we only have until 10.” She overlooked the blueprints quickly, scanning it into her head as a map, quickly figuring out the fastest way to reach all trees. John pointed towards a certain area, ”I’ve managed to cover this before you got here, I’ll continue from there on, you take the other side.” She nodded and pointed towards the exact opposite side of where he started, ”I’ll start here and make my way through it, we’ll meet somewhere in the middle before 10.”

It wasn’t a lot later that she was out on the fields, picking all apples she could possible grab in the shortest amount of time. John had briefly explained what was to happen and how much he’d need, just to barely survive the coming year. Jaze was determined to pick more apples than that, but she was at 8 barrels and 2 hours had passed, this just wasn’t going to work. Luckily the farmer had already started, but she knew there was no way she could get all apples out of the grove in time. 5 more hours before the bugs would be released to destroy his orchard. She gritted her teeth, she’d have to put more effort into it, she’d have to go faster, she told him to meet somewhere in the middle and she planned to cover more than half of the orchard by herself to make up for being late.

Another 2 hours passed, she’d managed to reach 20 barrels, but there were still enough trees left to pick for another 20. This guy’s orchard was humongous, how did he manage to take care of every single one of those trees? Jaze had to extend and materialize her Aura to reach the highest top of the trees, which was pretty exhausting on its own. How did he manage without magic? Unless he was hiding something, she was convinced he didn’t have magic.

30 Barrels down, and it was only a little over an hour later. Jaze was getting more and more used to using her magic in a certain way, and learned where to look for apples by now, she speeding up was going well. She’d have a small 2 hours left for the rest of the trees, and she could see John closing in on her. She was past half of the orchard, and she was certain the farmer would be pleased with her.

Panting slightly, the woman rolled the last barrel inside the barn, closing it off. ”I’m impressed, 41 barrels in just 7 hours time. I don’t know how you’ve done it, but thanks to you all my apples are safe. I’d give you more, but unfortunately this is all I can miss, and you more than deserved it.” He smiled, handing her a pouch of jewels. Jaze wiped the sweat off her forehead and smiled gently at him, ”Thanks. Good luck selling the lot, I’ll be off then.”

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