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Post by Ginevra Shepard on Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:07 pm

The city of Oak. Many considered Oak as a rather calm, peaceful city. As quite a beautiful destination where to spend your holiday at. And they were right; Oak was quite the perfect city. Peaceful, often quite warm, with a nice history. Oh, only if the fact that it was a home to a dark guild could dissapear, then the city would become paradise!

Ginevra Shepard swung her legs while sitting on the bar counter at the Phantom Lord guildhall. Her cold, icy blue eyes were staring at nothing in particular, as she simply stood there and continued swinging her legs, bored, not knowing what to do. Her pink hair fell messily on her back, silky on touch and beautiful on sight, it quite reminded people to a waterfall of bubblegum. Her hands played with a lock of her hair, wondering what to do in that,  wonderful for everyone else, yet not so wonderful for her sunny day. With a soft sigh, she jumped off the counter, landing perfectly on her feet, not even tripping or falling, even though  that day in particular, as every other one, really, she wore high heels. With a slow, calm pace, she approached the request board, her expression bored. She ran her index finger through some of the jobs and decided to take one that was rather easy and quick to finish. After all, she wanted to do something, but she wanted to remain occupied the entire day. Without hesitation, she grabed a paper off the board and began walking towards one of the windows near the exit of the guildhall, turning around for a mere second just to see if anyone wondered where she was off to. Nobody.

What joy it was to be in a guild where nobody gives a damn about you. Ah well. Ginevra didn't actually give a damn about anyone either, so it didn't matter, really. She jumped out of the window, a small habit of hers, and began walking towards the hospital, which was the place where her client was at.

As she arrived, maybe a bit too soon for her liking, she knocked on the door of her client, trying to act polite, although she knew that in the end, her glacial eyes would give up that she hated every bit of everyone, really. As she opened the door, however, she almost tripped over her own feet and fell. The sight before her had atonished her to that point. Her client, whom she had pictured on her way here as a young man on his death ward because of some weird illness, was actually an old guy, insanely thin, wearing nothing but a showercap and a diaper. Quickly recovering, Ginevra cleared her throat, driving the man's attention to her. He made her a weak sign to come closer, and, due to the weakness of his movement and the emptiness of his eyes, she believed for a moment that he'd ask her for something easy, that he wouldn't talk much; Guess what. She was wrong.

As soon as she sat on a chair next to his bed and prepared to listen to few words, he began telling her stories of how all his life he wanted to be a star, how he finally finished an album, but nobody buys it and stuff like that. After the fifth minute, Ginevra began getting way too annoyed. With her Dragon Slayer enhaced senses, she heard all of his words more clearly, and it all seemed even more annoying, so soon upon that, she fixated her cold eyes on him, hatred clear in them, and released a single, authoritary 'Enough.', which managed to make the man shut up. It appeared that he had realised that Ginevra was not a girl that would stay and listen politely to his rambling. Rather than that, she was a warrior that didn't feel like wasting time listening to an old guy ramble about his life-long dream.

He handed her a few posters she had to give around town and advertise him. As the Lightning Dragon Slayer left the room, she dedicated the posters a quick glance and almost bursted into laughter. '' Little Brittle and The C-Bag''? ''Please come Visit me, Dawg''? This was just too much for her to handle. In the middle of the hospital, she leaned against the wall and burst into laughter, earning the weird look of some of the patients and doctors. She didn't really care what looks they were giving her; it was entirely too ridiculous to remain serious. When she finally regained control and stopped laughing, she managed to adopt a bored expression, although a small smile remained on her mouth as she walked out of the hospital, the five posters in hand. So she only had to spread five posters? That was easy. She was quite tempted to go to some random person and ask them if they wanted a good laugh, then give him the poster. Many of the people would've looked at her bad because she was laughing at an old man who was on his death ward and wanted to achieve his life-long dream; but Ginevra wouldn't quite care. She was a person that had a lack of compassion and quite didn't give a damn about what people thought of her. If she cared, she wouldn't have joined Phantom Lord in the first place.

Without wasting a second, she began walking around town, posting the ridiculous posters everywhere she found, leaving some space between them in order to achieve more efficiency. It's not like she actually cared about efficiency, really; no straight-forward and levelheaded person would even attempt buying the album of Little Brittle. It would be a total waste of money. As she put the last of the posters on some random wall of an old building, she turned on her heels, managing to surprisingly keep her balance at the perfection and avoid falling, and walked towards the hospital calmly, already thinking of what to do with the reward- in fact, quite miserable reward- that she'd recieve.

As she walked into the room, trying not to trip and almost fall this time, she told Little Brittle that the task had ben completed. The old man contemplated the Dragon Slayer for a few, and then began telling her how he'd pay her once the albums start selling and such. This was the breaking point for Ginevra. She slowly rose from her seat, her cold eyes staring into those of the old man, and huffed. I will give you the freedom to chose, Old Man. Or you give me my reward right now and come out unharmed from the entire situation, or I will make sure you get to feel how much it hurts to get hit by a lightning, and take my reward either ways. And trust me, Little Brittle, I can get you to feel the pain from being hit by a lightning.

As the Dragon Slayer ended talking, Little Brittle stared at her cold eyes for a few, understanding that the pinkette was nowhere near joking. She was dead serious. With a shaking hand, he handed her her reward, trembling with fear as he watched the Dragon Slayer leave the room with a smile on her face.

Well, this was... fun? Ginevra shrugged as she walked back to the Phantom Lord guildhall, yawning. Maybe she needed to take a nap rather than going on annoying jobs that included old man trying to become superstars.

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