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Post by Maintenance Account on Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:42 pm

Site Rules:

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at the site! Here at Fairy Tail Elysium, we want to promote an enjoyable experience to everyone who joins, and in order to do that, we need to make sure that there is structure, so the site doesn't fall into chaos. Here are is a list of basic site rules that should be abided by at all times.

Basic Character Guidelines:

Usernames: When making your account, you can make your name anything, but we would prefer it if you started off using your character’s name, for simplicity’s sake. Once your app is approved, your name will automatically be changed to your character’s name, the choice of having just the first name, or both the first and last name is up to you.

Pending Approval: When you are waiting for your character app to be approved, you must wait before posting any other things related to your character. This includes: Magic Registration, In-Character Topics, and Mission Approval. You can still post in things like introductions and Out Of Character stuff though.

Canon: This is a non-canon website, which means that despite canon guilds existing, there are no actual canon characters that exist in this universe. That means that in your histories, you may not reference any of these canon characters, so for example, you could not say Zeref killed your whole village. Instead, substitute in characters you make up yourself. However, this does not mean you are allowed to have canon face claims.

In-Character Posting:

Post Format: Please keep all of your posts completely In Character (IC). If you do need to state something Out Of Character (OOC), please put it in a spoiler below or above your post.

Word Counts: The minimum length of a post with another person is 100 words, so please try and not do one sentence exchanges with others. In a topic with just yourself though, please keep the minimum at 300 words.

Topics: You can only be in 3 topics at a time, and only one can be a mission, and only one can be a training topic at a time. You must be in the same area for all of these posts, and you cannot leave an area until all your topics there are done.

Plagiarism: There is 0 tolerance for plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, (which includes taking another user’s work, taking large chunks of other written works and using them in your writing to increase word count, and word generation) you will be stripped down to nothing. (This includes but is not limited to: Revocation of all Jewels, Mana, and XP.) If you are caught plagiarizing after being punished for it once, you will be banned.

God Modding and Meta Gaming: Please refrain from both of these things. God Modding is essentially giving your character “god like” powers in their post. This can range from giving your character limitless stamina, or having a meteor fall from the sky randomly and squashing the opponent. Meta Gaming is using OOC information to your benefit, things that your character wouldn't actually know. This can range from being completely fearless in a combat situation simply because OOC the thread is not kill viable, or being able to know someone’s name without meeting them ever. Often times these mistakes are inadvertent, but if they do become a problem, it is up to moderators to come to a decision on what happens.


Respectfulness: Please be respectful of everyone on the site. Almost everyone here is here to enjoy themselves, and if one person is being a jerk to everyone, then that can ruin things for them. This applies just about everywhere, especially in the chat box. In the chat box, if someone is obviously targeting people or making a big scene, then they will be warned, and if ignored, kicked from the chat, and if any further trouble is caused, they will be banned from chat. Respect is not necessarily required in IC posts, because some characters are jerks, and evil, and we do need characters like that to keep things interesting. However, we ask that when role playing, you put aside all personal grudges, and just enjoy yourself. If constant irreverence for this rule of respect is shown, and complaints are filed, then that person will become very likely to be banned.

Swearing: We understand that swears can be funny sometimes, and very useful for expressing anger or surprise. However, we ask that in posts, you swear to make a point about your character, and not just swearing for the sake of swearing. In the chat box the same rules apply, excessive swearing will result in a warning if it is bothering people, and may result in a kicking/banning from the chat box. Racial slurs are not approved at all on the site, and we ask that nobody use them.

Arguing: When two people are arguing in the chat box, it ruins the fun of the chat box. Although a simple discussion about things are fine, when things take a turn for the worse, and everyone else is being disrupted, both parties can automatically be kicked from chat, to calm down for a little. It doesn't matter who started it, just turn the other cheek, and don’t make things into problems.


Avatars: Avatars should be 150x300. Everyone is asked to have an avatar, and it must be of their face claim only. Please refrain from inappropriate or suggestive avatars, or they will be removed.

Signatures: These go beneath your posts! In these, you can do things like link people to your profile, or play music when they click a link! Images in these must pertain to your character, and the same rules for inappropriate avatars apply to signatures as well.

Other Images: You are allowed to put images in your posts, but we ask that if you have exceptionally large pictures, please put them in spoilers.
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