Destiny Denied (A|LG)

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Destiny Denied (A|LG)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sat Oct 25, 2014 3:08 pm

Name: Destiny Denied
Request Type: Light Guild
Rank: A
Word Count: 1500
Location: Magnolia Town
Reward: 12,000J/3,000XP
Description: Kind mages, your aid is humbly requested! A dark omen casts its shadow over my people. I believe it is the work of some kind of evil being. If it is within your power, help us! We cannot give you much, but we will give you what we can!
Request Details:
After accepting the mission, you are required to travel to East Forest. Upon entering the forest, you must follow the signs which will eventually lead you to the gypsy camp. Once you reach the gypsy camp, the guards will of course be wary of you. In order to prove yourself, you must demonstrate your magic abilities. A simple low-leveled spell is enough to convince them, though perhaps a higher ranked spell will win you even more favor. Think carefully, however, as too powerful of a spell could injure the gypsies and therefore cause your reward to be reduced by half.

After you have demonstrated your abilities and earned the gypsies' trust, they will take you to see the client, their leader Queen Natalia. Once you are with Natalia, she will explain the circumstances of the request. For the past few weeks consecutively every night at witching hour (3am), a legion of dark creatures attack the camp. After each attack, one of the gypsies is abducted and as a result, the camp has been rapidly decreasing in number. She will then ask you to pose as new members of the camp. Additionally, she will request that you find a way to return the people who were taken if possible.

Once the plan has been discussed and formulated, the mission will proceed to the night phase. There will be some time before the attack is supposed to happen. You can choose to simply stay where you are and wait the time out, or you can explore the camp and the surrounding area. Neither option has any affect on the outcome of the mission, so you are free to choose whichever option you prefer.

At a quarter to three, a chilling shriek will erupt from somewhere within the camp. You will then go to investigate the source of the scream. Upon doing so, you will come across a mutilated corpse, over which looms a large creature of apparently dark origins. The creature will spot you and attempt to flee. You can choose to chase down the creature or remain until 3am hits.

If you decide to chase down the creature, you will be lead further from the camp. Upon catching up to the creature, you are then required to either kill it or subdue it. Whichever option you choose, you will then have to make your way back to the camp afterwards. Upon returning to the camp, you find that the lone creature was a decoy and more creatures have swarmed the camp.

If you decide to stay in the camp rather than chase down the creature, it will be your duty to stave off the attack. Should you succeed, you will be asked to accompany Natalia in giving the slain gypsy a proper burial. However upon returning to the site of the slaying, you find that the body is nowhere to be found. The only clue as to the body's whereabouts is a trail of blood leading deeper into the forest. Natalia will assure you of the camp's safety, but then will implore you to find and return the body.

At the halfway point in following the trail through the forest, you will be swarmed by a larger group of the dark creatures. Use any means necessary to defeat the creatures, failure results in failing the mission as well requires a recovery thread. If you succeed, you will then continue to follow the blood trail until you eventually reach a strange clearing. As you enter the clearing, you will witness a dark ritual taking place. A robed figure stands over the mutilated corpse of the slain gyspy, a black magic circle glowing beneath the body. Whether or not you choose to attempt to stop the ritual holds no bearing over the outcome, so you are free to choose whichever option you like. Either way, the ritual will be completed and you will witness the corpse being changed into one of the many dark creatures you have battled throughout the night.

The robed figure will turn to you and summon a small legion of the dark creatures to attack you once again. As before, defeat the creatures by any means necessary. If the creatures are defeated, the robed figure will then unveil itself while at the same type shifting its form into a large demonic creature. The recently converted creature will then take on a form similar to the robed figure. Both of these enemies must be defeated and kill, capture is not an option. If you are successful in doing so, the first demonic creature will utter give you a message to pass along to Natalia: "Your fate cannot be escaped." You will then return to the gypsy camp to deliver the cryptic message and collect your reward.
NPC Name: Gypsy Queen Natalia
Description: Natalia is a kind woman, though she is quite cautious of outsiders. She cares deeply for the other members of her camp, treating them all as her family. As a result, she is quite protective of them and always bases her decisions on the best interest of the camp.

Enemy Name: Cursed Legionnaire x30 (1, 4, 10, 15)
Enemy Rank: B
Enemy Magic: None
  • Incredible Strength- The Legionnaires possess remarkable physical strength, capable of inflicting grievous injuries with little effort. (B rank Damage)
  • Razor sharp claws and teeth- The Legionnaires have teeth and claws that can easily tear through skin and even fracture bones. (B rank damage)
  • Hive Mind- The Legionnaires act collectively, as such they are capable of coordinating their attacks against a single opponent and overwhelming them if the opponent is not careful.

Enemy Name: Fate's Messenger x2
Enemy Rank: A
Enemy Magic: Darkness Magic
  • -Superhuman Strength- The Messengers possess remarkable physical strength, capable of inflicting grievous injuries with little effort. (A rank damage)
  • Razor sharp claws and teeth- The Messengers have teeth and claws that can easily tear through skin and even fracture bones. (A rank Damage)
  • Balewind Cross (B-rank)- Launches an X-shaped blade of shadow magic at the target. The attack inflicts slashing damage on impact and can slow movement speed by 10%
  • Devil's Breath (B-rank)- Breathes a cloud of noxious fog at any targets within range. Opponents caught within will be poisoned while they are within the cloud, suffering reduced movement speed by 25% and reduced physical strength by 50%. The cloud has a range of 20 meters.
  • Final Destiny (A-rank)- The Messenger will attempt to rush their opponent and strike them with a piercing blow. If the attack is successful, the target will be cursed, suffering reduced movement speed and physical strength by 5% with each passing post. If the Messenger is not defeated by the time the target's movement speed and strength has been reduced by 50%, the target will lose MP based on 50% of their current MP.
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