Penguins are evil

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Penguins are evil

Post by Lilthal on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:02 pm

Lilthal was thankful for the lodge at the bottom of the mountain, there she could warm up before heading back out but first she was told to meet “Amy” there.  The flyer had said that she would be wearing a pink scarf with yellow flowers on it. 

Lilthal took her eyes off the piece of paper and scanned the room, she spotted the scarf easy enough but the person she had to do a double take for… It was a little girl.  Lilthal walked up to her and looked down at the flyer to make sure she read it correctly and cleared her voice for a second.

“Excuse me, are you Amy by chance?” Lilthal asked a little wary and the small girl turned and looked up at her.  “Oh you must be the wizard who took my job, I’m Amy” she said with no small amount of glee and excitement in her voice.

Lilthal raised an eyebrow at the small girl and nodded her head, “Yeah I’m the wizard” she responded quickly and just continued to be confused.  “Umm where exactly are your parents? Do they know you’re here?” Lilthal asked and the small girl only smiled “Mama and Papa are busy with work and so they decided that so long as I have a wizard I could go penguin sliding.  The penguins in this region are huge and can be used as a sort of sled” Amy explained thoroughly to Lilthal, who in response only nodded her head.

“Alright I guess.  Well let’s get going then; the flyer said you had some fish for the penguins as well though” Lilthal said looking around but didn’t spot anything that could contain any fish.  The little girl; Amy laughed and jumped off her chair and to Lilthal it looked like she bounced around the corner and than a minute or two later came bouncing back, holding a backpack.

“I asked the cooking staff if I could store the fish in their freezer and they were nice enough to say yes” Amy smiled happily and began skipping her way to the door, leading a already very tired Lilthal behind her. 

Lilthal hugged her jacket closer to her body when she stepped foot out into the cold, she was happy that the village not for from here had winter clothes for her to buy. 

“So how are we getting up there?” Amy turned and asked curiously as she stared at Lilthal.  Lilthal smiled and pulled out her silver key “Stand beside me” She commanded and the little girl was quick to follow orders. “Open gate of the Mirror Lion” Lilthal spoke loud and clearly into the air and in a few seconds her spirit was standing before them.

Amy went wide eyed as she looked at the creature and smiled taking two very large steps up to him “WOW he is soooo cool” She began to say, the silver furred lion looked down at the little girl and then to Lilthal.  “You summoned me, my lady?” he spoke and Lilthal nodded.  “We need a ride up the mountain” She spoke and with a slight nod, the Lion moved and lowered his body to the ground for the little girl to get on first, Lilthal followed suit and sat behind her.

“Alright, let’s go” Lilthal said and in an instant the silver furred lion was off and shot straight up the mountain.

Because of her celestial spirit it only took them just a little bit of time to reach the top of the mountain where the penguins were located.  Lilthal thanked her Lion and told him she would summon him when they were ready to leave, with a short nod he disappeared.

Lilthal looked around her and raised an eyebrow, Amy was not beside her anymore and with a 
quick spin to the other direction she saw the little girl again and sighed as she jogged to catch up with her.

To say Amy was a handful was an understatement.  The girl had run off by herself numerous times and when they located the penguins she had turned into a nightmare.  Feeding them wasn’t so bad, using one as a sled was something Lilthal hadn’t wanted to relive again and she was thankful when it all came to an end and she summoned her Silver Lion.

Amy had said how amazing that was and she thought celestial mages were amazing, Lilthal smiled and thanked and thanked her again when she handed over the reward and not soon enough was Lilthal out of there and away from Amy.

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