Traveling someplace new

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Traveling someplace new

Post by Lilthal on Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:17 pm

Lilthal scanned the guild hall and sighed, it was so boring and she needed something to do.  She had thought about staying for their guild celebration that night but knowing their guild master she would probably be forced to mingle and such. 

Lilthal looked around once more before getting to her feet and heading straight for the request board again, she wanted something different, some place new to visit and then she saw the two requests for the mountains.  She’d never really gone to the mountains before, not liking the cold all that much. 

Lilthal picked the two flyers off the board and went back to the bar, showing them to her boss.  “You’ll miss the party darling” He said and Lilthal ever so kindly stated her need for money or else she won’t be able to pay rent for that month.  She was thankful that he bought it.

Lilthal stepped outside the Guild Hall and stretched for a moment, knowing this was going to be a long trip since she refused to take the train, Lilthal brought out her silver key.

“Open the gate of the Mirror Lion” Lilthal said and in a few short seconds the silver furred Lion was standing in front of her in all his glory.

“What do you need my Lady?” He asked in his usual deep voice.  “A ride actually.  We’re going to Mount Hakobe” She spoke and the Lion nodded his head, side stepping and lowering himself so she could climb on.

“Please hold on my Lady”

Traveling to Mount Hakobe

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