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Upon returning back to the guild hall, Anson scanned the hall for anyone of interest, unfortunately there was nobody really interesting enough to spark anything with at that moment. Making his way past his guild mates once more and making his way towards the board. This time he didn't require any time to think about what to take, he only saw one mission that would be acceptable at this time of the night, ripping the paper off the board, he made his way past his master as he showed the request with a nod and left.

Making his way down the road towards the location, he read the request more in-depth. He knew the general goal but there was always room for more to be known. Reading through the request, he thought this creature was something out of a mythology textbook in a school. A thought that he found somewhat amusing that such a thing was actually real and wanted killed. Upon reaching a local farm not far from the farm he had just left earlier that morning, Anson knocked on the door and awaited an answer.

Finally when one answered the door, Anson held up the request form, this problem must have been affecting more than he initially thought as the man seemed to instantly be aware of what he was doing in this area. Taking only a moment, the man pointed down the road but warned of a dark guild that had been in the area, most likely looking for the creature also, but that was of no interest to Anson. Thanking the man and heading down the road towards the request givers home, Anson kept his eyes on the distance, looking for any signs of this guild. Reaching the farmer tiny Toms house, Anson knocked on the door once again. After a few moments the door swung open and he found himself being dragged inside by an elderly man who readily shut the door behind them. The old man seemed highly frightened during the night, although it was to be expected if some strange creature made it travels in the darkness like it was reported to.

“I'm so glad someone finally decided to take up this request, this creature has been harassing us for quite some time. Now it is beginning to risk out profits we make from our farms, we need you to take care of this pest as soon as possible.”

Nodding to the man, as Anson was never really one for small talk. Something the man seemed to pick up on, wasting no time, the man quickly grabbed a piece of paper and drew a map to where he believed the creature was holding up. Thanking the man as he left the building, Anson heard the man quickly securing the doors locks behind him. Rolling his eyes at the action, Anson scanned the map and left towards the cave.

The moon rising further in the night sky and light the area with its light, Anson was nearing the cave but he could now hear sounds of cracking leaves and footsteps getting closer. Stepping behind a nearby tree and looking towards the area of the sounds as he pulled his cape around his body to blend into the darkness, he waited. After a few moments, a small group of 4 men appeared over a nearby hill and headed inside the cave. The dark stopped him from seeing any noticeable parts of the group, but he suspected that was the guild he had been warned about. Quickly hearing screams from within the dark cave, Anson headed inside, taking his time to feel the sides of the wall before he reached an open area with a hole in the roof, allowing some moonlight into the cave. Seeing the pile of bodies of the men slumped on the ground, brought back memories of his past which caused him to grip his head and slump against the wall.

However, he could hear faint growls getting closer to him before he could feel the stinky breath on his left cheek. Quickly moving away from the wall as the beast lunged at him. He gripped the blade of one of the guild members and shoved it into the gaping maw of the beast. The creatures teeth barely missing Ansons skin and saving him from the venom stored within. The end of the blade slicing through the back of the creatures throat, killing it instantly. Taking a deep breath, he dropped the corpse and blade to the ground before picking up a sword from a previous victim and sliced the head off its shoulders. Gripping the beasts head by the leathery skin of its scalp, he wrapped it in a piece of the dark guilds cloak and carried it back to Tiny Tom. Upon Tom answering the door and his eyes seeing Anson, he quickly handed over the reward as he assumed the job had been done. Something that he quickly got suspicious of as he eyed down Anson, to get this man happy, Anson tossed the decapitated head into the mans arms and left. Leaving the man to be shocked by what he had received as proof of completion.

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