The Hell's a Chupacabra?

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The Hell's a Chupacabra?

Post by Kazuma Mizushima on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:58 pm

“Yet another vile farmer..”, Kazuma says with a hint of malice in his words as he walks along the road in Clover Town. It was just yet another job helping some stupid farmer with a task that could have easily be accomplished by themselves. He picked the flyer from the request board at random, in the hopes of preventing yet another outburst. It wasn’t for the sake of his guild mates but for himself. Yelling in such a manner can cause unsightly issues to one’s face. That will simply not do. It was not long before he saw an odd fellow standing amongst the villagers. He fit the description of the man Kazuma was looking for. An elderly man with a walking cane, wearing the typical farmer clothing.

“What utterly disgusting clothing. The dregs here amuse me. I suppose I shall be a bit nicer this time around.”

He walks up to the man and shoots a half smile, not exactly looking at him in the face.

“I’m from Blue Pegasus, I hear you have a job lined up?”

The man smiles and begins giving Kazuma the details to the job, being sure to note the potential for a Dark Guild in the area. A dark guild was nothing to Kazuma, he had dabbled near that line once or twice in his life. Didn’t matter though, there was a way to avoid them for the time being. He could finish off the target and be back before sunset. As he walked to a decent area, he figured he’d have to use something special in order get there. Glancing around, he got ready.

“Earth Dragon’s Consealment!”

In an instant, Kazums slips into the ground, beginning to traverse underground at a quickened pace. It was his way of fast travel, though he usually decided against it for various reasons. About fifteen minutes later, he found it as he emerged from underground in a huff. The Lair of the Chupacabra. Low guttural growls could be heard from inside the cave, booming footsteps soon followed. It was undeniable that the beast had picked up his scent. Kazuma nonchalantly dusted some of the dust off his clothes and waited. He’d finish this beast off in one hit. That would be all that it took. The beast lunged from the cave, teeth bared with the expressed intent to take a chunk out of him.

“Earth Dragon’s Guard” Kazuma says calmly, a giant wall appearing in front of him, the beast slamming into it. A simple snap of the finger was all that it took, as a huge spike rocketed from the ground, bisecting the creature at the midsection. The wall rescinded back into the ground as Kazuma saw it fit to leave the now deceased beast there. It’d be proof that the creature was now dead. All anyone would have to do would be to go and look. With the task completed, he decided to head back to the farmer and inform him of the deed, collecting his money along the way. The farmer was eternally grateful, Kazuma began to grow nauseated by the constant shower of approval. With job completed and reward collected, it was time to head home.

534/500 Completed. Mission Complete
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