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Farmer John

Post by Anson Kazane on Fri Oct 24, 2014 4:44 pm

Sitting on the roof of the guild hall, Anson was staring off into the distance. He never really had much of a reason to socialize with his guild mates, not that he really wanted to either. The only time he spoke to them was in passing and even then it was only a few passing greetings. Unfortunately, his money was running low once again and he required an easy job to make some quick cash, it was about time he found a new way to preoccupy himself. Slowly dropping off the roof of the hall, his feet hit the wooden boards of the porch with a soft thud. Taking a breath as he readied himself for the possibility of a conversation that he had no interest in. Turning to the door and pushing it open, Anson was greeted with a sight that he grown accustomed to. The members gathered around their chars and the bar just drinking away their lives, that was their choice, as long as they didn't attempt to drag him into it then he didn't care what they did. Coming up the board amongst the noisy racket, Anson scanned the numerous requests that littered the board. It took but a few moments for him to grab a request that seemed fairly easy and quick to pull, holding the paper in his hand as he turned and began to walk out of the hall.

“I'll be taking this one, today.”

He yelled at his master that was no doubt too busy to even pay attention. Making his way outside of the hall, Anson quickly went on his way towards the farm where the request had come from. Thankfully it was a local request, so he didn't have to travel very far to reach the requester.

It was around mid-day by the time he arrived and he could the farmer off in his field readily picking apples from his tree. Walking up the man as he pushed the request form into the strap inside his cape. The farmer was working quick and barely spoke to Anson, but he could under the gist of what was being said. After all, most of the information was on the form itself anyway, he really only needed slightly more details and he had been given them. As Anson stood there silently picking apples with the man as he described the layout of the orchard in a quick manner, Anson finished off his section and managed to fill 2 barrels. Moving off to leave the farmer to his area, Anson silently moved away and began to pick off apples in silence, although it was going far too slow, and by now the bugs that were released to ruin the farmers crop were beginning to speed up and would soon ruin the harvest. Wondering what to do now, Anson noticed a rather sharp looking rock partially covered by the dirt, bending down to pick it up he felt the edges before quickly throwing it through the branches of the trees. The stone cutting through the thinner branches and dropping more apples into the waiting barrels below, with some more time he waved away the bugs with his cape just long enough for himself to finish picking off leftover apples and seal the tops to keep the bugs out of the produce. By the time they had gathered everything needed with some to spare and the bugs now leaving due to lack of food, the sun was beginning to drop.

When Anson reached the farmer, he was leaning against the wall of his home wiping the sweat from his brow. When he saw Anson approaching, he quickly jumped back to his feet and met him at the edge of the field.

“Thank you for helping save my apples and protecting my lively hood. Here is your reward” The man said with a smile on his face as he handed the reward money to Anson and slowly began to make his way to the door of his home, no doubt for a rest. Anson held the reward under his cape and put it into his pocket before making his way back to the guild hall.

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