Kaito Helix [COMPLETE]

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Kaito Helix [COMPLETE]

Post by Kaito Helix on Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:57 am

Name: Kaito Dymx Helix

Biographical Information:
Age: 14
Birth Date: October 21, 877
Birthplace: Magnolia Town
Relatives: “Why would you even want to know about my sorry excuse for a family? Pops owns an inn in Magnolia, The Night-inn-gale. He thinks that is the funniest name ever. Phst, I mean how much lamer can ya get. His name? Really? Fine he is Doubal Helix... yeah that's right laugh it up. Ma passed away shortly after I was born, though my pops remarried. I don't count that woman as family, never will. I have a sister to, bout 10 years older than me. Don't see much of her anymore as she went of to Era joining up with the Magic Council.”

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 4'8”
Weight: 110lbs
General Description: “Do I really have to describe how I look? I mean come on, you are standing right there in front of me? I am not very muscular, though I ain't lanky either. Pretty average, I might say. My hair? Yeah it is blonde, and I keep it trimmed to about my ears. Never bother to brush it so it can seem messy looking to some, but it ain't. Not like you can tell because I rarely take off my green and blue winter cap here. I like being in long clothes, feel protected that way. So yeah I wear long shirts, but mostly just light hoodies throughout summer time, and I become bundled in thick furs during winter, gosh damn cold hate it. These shoes? Yeah they are just your everyday white tennis shoe. Nothing special about them.

     Wait my eye color? You sure ya ain't blind? It's hazel-orange. Why am I still even bothering wasting my time with you... That's right you were going to pay me and I need the money. Let's hurry this up alright? What's that any mysterious wounds as to why I stay covered up all the time? Nope not even a single freckle is on my pale skin. Only thing there is my guild tattoo, black on my left collarbone. Just barely visible from the collar of my t-shirt. Anything else you want to ask? No? Good.”

Face Claim: Yukine from Noragami

Personal Information:
Sexuality: straight
Personality: “I will do what I need to in order to do the right thing. I don't care if I break some silly law. Government is just something that is meant to be worked around not with. I keep things real, looking out for others and myself, well those that I care about. My family? They can go jump off a cliff into shallow water for all I care. I say that, but deep down there is some small feeling of I don't know love?, for them. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today, and I do like myself... Anyways enough about that. Dangerous situations sometimes happen, and during those times I find excitement. Ya know when they say the going gets tough, the tough get going? Ha, please I am just getting started when the going gets tough. I mean, how couldn't you, hopeless odds, high risk of injury or death. Truly nothing excites me more, well so long as it is me in danger, not my friends. I don't want to lose my friends, but gambling my own life and safety is something I do, mainly because I believe I will come out okay no matter what.

     I don't really plan out my days, nor much of anything. I just go with the flow of things, think on my feet and improvise a lot. I will try anything once, but if I don't like it, don't expect me to try it again. I try to keep a straight face, to try and give off this aloof feel, but I believe I fail at hiding that I am truly outgoing and inquisitive, will shoot up conversations with complete strangers like we are the best of friends, waste the day with them and never learn their name.

     What do I like? Simple I like to do what I want to do. I hate being told no. I also like being warm, helps me feel at home with my magic and all. I love having a good laugh with friends, and well doing anything with people. No I am not particularly fond of a certain food, have yet to find one that I really like or dislike. Granted I haven't had all the food possible, I plan to try one day to eat everything in this world. I love puzzles. I often can be seen solving puzzles from people, anything from a crossword to a sudoku, heck even simple jigsaw puzzles. I do all sorts of puzzles, because I find it fun, and usually because of puzzles I tend to be able to think on my feet a lot faster and not too reckless... though reckless is fun too so naturally I try and keep a bit of that in there too.

     I dislike very few things, besides being told no. that is the big one. In union with the being told no, I tend to diss on authority, for they tend to be the ones always telling me no. I also hate money. Yeah I hate it, but I know it is a necessary thing in this world, I get that I have to exchange something to be able to acquire someone else's goods... What you thought I was cool with stealing? Hell no, I hate thieves just about as much as I hate liars. Thieves look out only for themselves, they take because they don't care about the law, but they also don't care about others, which is something, as long as you don't give me reason to hate you, I do.

     I have only two motivations to do things. First my friends, without them your an outcast to society, rejected by all. Don't care what you say that ain't cool. The final thing that motivates me is my new found family. Stop looking at me like that, I was talking about my guild, Fairy Tail. Everyone there is great and fun to be with. I work harder for their sake, to not let them down, and to be able to defend my guild from any threats it may face.”

Magic Information:
Magic: Static Fire Make  
Description: A form of molding magic that uses the fire element. Weaving fire into various forms the caster's limits is their imagination. This particular variant of Fire Make Magic allows only inanimate objects to be created. Anything from weapons, shields, traps, utilities, to odds and ends all can be made. The magic is cast through various hand movements sometimes requiring both hands, and the magic always is connected in some way to the caster's hands. Due to this fire being controlled completely by the caster, it loses the wildness that fire is often compared with. This fire will not burn anyone unless the caster wills it. Nor can it catch other things on fire, unless the caster wills it, regardless of how combustible the material is.

Advantages: The strength of this magic, is that it is really good against ice and poison magic. This is because while it may not burn things unless the caster desires the heat still is radiating, thus ice will melt, and heat will kill poison. Unlike people who dabble in Dynamic Fire Make, or people that dabble in a mix of the two, Static Fire Make magic makes the fire more dense than the other makers previously mentioned. This gives a slight advantage over others in the same field of magic. The only limitation to something that can be created is nothing living, which leaves people to wonder just what exactly the caster may create. This magic also benefits greatly in hot weather. This is due to the fact in the heat it is easier to start a fire, especially strong dangerous fires. This magic, due to the amount of light some spells emanate, darkness spells may find a harder time reaching the caster, granted fire itself is not strong or weak against darkness, it would give it a slightly harder time than say ice, or earth would.  

Disadvantages: This magic is weak to most water magics. It also has the limitation of having to be connected to the caster, meaning that it leave the caster in some cases very vulnerable. It also limits the amount of spells that can be cast, or deployed, for naturally the caster only has two hands. Even still some spells require two hands, and as such only that spell may be active. While this magic tends to be strong against ice, it does have a trouble in cold weather, for there is a distinct lack of heat and the spells spend more energy trying to maintain a constant stable heat to keep the structure maintained, it will loose a bit of power due to this. This magic is also very poor at not being noticed. I mean it is creations of pure fire, fire gives off a tremendous amount of light, anyone would notice a light in the dark, and even during the day if the light doesn't give it away the heat radiating from the object would still be noticeable, even though it wouldn't necessarily burn you even if you touched the fire.  

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Guild: Fairy Tail
Background History: I was born in Magnolia on a storm filled night according to pops. My mother died shortly after I was born, I don't even have a memory of what she looked like, and pops still refuses to tell me her name. So pops was made to raise me and my sister and run his inn alone. Mostly it was me with my sister a lot, and she always let me down saying things like “Careful Kaito don't hurt yourself” or “Don't touch that Kai.” I would think it is because of her I hate being told no. I mean she never got told no from pops, even if she is ten years older. Anyways this time only lasted until I was  able to start going to school, around that time my sister obtained an apprenticeship with a local branch of the Magic Council, and started being Miss Goodie Too-shoes. My father wouldn't ever say much to me. He barely acknowledged my presence. I think back now and it is probably because I remind him of my mother, and probably blames me for her death. If he wants to do that fine, I am past not having a mother, though it would be nice to know who she was. She was apparently the one with the magic talent in the family. My father is about as magical as a blade of grass. I didn't even realize I had magic until about 4 years ago. At which time pops said his first words to me, after a accident where I almost set his entire inn on fire. He told me I had the same power my mother had, and that he had kept her magic books up in a chest in the attic, telling me I should study those to keep the power under control. Which I caught on how to control it pretty quick like.

     Anyways that is skipping ahead a bit. It was when I started school that I learned about the existence of magic in the first place, and about mages and quilds and just about everything else about Fiore. Considering I was 5 when I started school, and I was in it for about 6 years, I learned everything I need to know to survive in this land from that school. Which is why I stopped showing up to school I knew enough about how money worked, how politics and people worked. I felt I could manage without more schooling. Instead I wanted to invest my time doing just what my pops told me to, and learn to control my magic. I had a grasp of what I was doing for the most part, but I felt my magic could be useful and I could use it more than just hide it away. I mean I was born with this gift, why not use it to have a little fun, help the world out, and well, show it off to everyone? This is about the time that I went to the front gates of the local mage guild, Fairy Tail. The guild hall stank heavily with alcohol and cigarette smoke. Not having a particular care to do either drinking or smoking, I thought I wouldn't fit in. However I was welcome with open arms. I liked that, Also liked the fact they didn't ask about my past. They took me for who I was, and did not treat me like a little child... Okay well SOME of them treated me that way, but that is understandable I suppose because as a mage I was and still am a child. Just starting off. Hell they wouldn't let me even start doing jobs or what not until just the other day when I turned fourteen. Not like I have done any yet, but I plan to real soon. They taught me how to control my magic. I even moved out of my pops place last year and went to live in the dorms of the guild. No one complained about me doing this. This guild has become my home, and has given me more care and freedom than my sister or my pops ever did. I will do good and continue to become better for the sake of my guild.

     Now I believe you have wasted enough of my time. Asking me all these questions as I was trying to have a peaceful lunch here in this cafe, without even probably thinking that I would have rather ate in peace. So why don't we call it done now, and you pay for this meal I had, okay? Cool. Here's the bill then, all 20000J worth of it. What? I was hungry, it happens from time to time... I would say I have to eat a big meal like that probably once a month. Anyways see ya, and thanks for the meal, don't know if I even had enough to pay all of it today. You are a real lifesaver ya know.” *exits the cafe*
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Re: Kaito Helix [COMPLETE]

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:47 pm

Nicely done app, very interesting read. Approved.
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