The bringer of destruction... haha

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The bringer of destruction... haha

Post by Akuma Jaaku on Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:30 am

Hey everyone,  I am new to this place and simply wanted to say hello to all the members and staff that are here and hopefully to all those that may come after me. I have been role playing for quite some time now nothing like five years, but I believe I have the needed skills to survive and hold my own if I ever needed to. Anyway my real name is Anthony but you can call me Oda, Brink, Tony, or if you would rather simply Anthony is fine as well.
So really that is all I truly have to say at the moment hope to see you in the chatbox and around the role-play universe while I take my journey to become the most powerful dark mage to ever come into this world. Anyway like I said in the beginning simply wanted to make a greeting and let you guys know yet another mage as arrived and is ready to begin his adventure.


Anthony, Brink, Oda, Tony, or Akuma
Akuma Jaaku

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